Only 2.8% of B2B Enterprise Execs Believe Demand Generation Campaigns Achieve Their Goals [Study]

March 20, 2015
ANNUITAS B2B Demand Generation study infographic

ANNUITAS’ Enterprise B2B Demand Generation Research Study is a first of its kind in the Demand Generation industry

The vast majority of Demand Generation campaigns aren’t meeting their goals, according to executives at leading B2B enterprises. In fact, only 2.8 percent of respondents in a recent survey conducted by Demand Generation strategy firm ANNUITAS say their campaigns are effective.

The Enterprise B2B Demand Generation Research Study is a first of its kind in the Demand Generation industry, polling only marketers at B2B enterprises (organizations with $ 250+ million in annual revenue and 500+ employees). And ANNUITAS uncovered some surprising—and in some cases startling—insights, including:

  • There is a disconnect between what marketing departments want to accomplish and what they are measuring. Those in enterprise Demand Generation need to better align their goals and objectives with their metrics and KPIs

  • Marketing departments are struggling to succeed with their Demand Generation. Almost 60 percent of respondents indicated they feel their efforts are not very effective, with less than three percent stating they are very effective

  • Quality of leads generated is the most pressing campaign goal by 77 percent of marketers, followed by customer cross-sell/upsell (56.6 percent), volume of leads (51.9 percent), and brand awareness (50.9 percent)

  • Demand Generation professionals are still falling short of connecting with their buyers. From the creation of buyer personas and development of aligned content, there are improvements that must be made to achieve better results

  • Marketing needs to improve their interaction with sales when it comes to the development of Demand Generation activities. Most organizations do not take a proactive stand with sales in the development of Demand Generation strategies

  • Lack of skills continues to be an obstacle for marketing organizations. This is an indicator to CMOs that training will be key to any improvements that need to be made in effectiveness, measurement and revenue contribution

Key findings of the study are highlighted in the infographic attached, and the full report can be downloaded at

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