What is Sponsored Content?

What is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored Content is a powerful way to reach out to a targeted audience and convey your message in a friendly, non-intrusive manner. A recent Contently survey found 54% of people have felt deceived by native advertising and 70% of publishers don’t follow FTC guidelines on it. A content that is designed to look and feel like the content you would usually find from a publisher. It is also content that aims to be entertaining or useful while subtly improving a person’s perception of the sponsoring brand. According to Venessa King blog post on medium.com “The 4 Native Ad Mistakes Publishers Keep Making?—?And How to Avoid Them” , these mistakes are:

  • Mistake 1: Narrowing native advertising to only sponsored content.
  • Mistake 2: Not labeling native ads.
  • Mistake 3: Serving readers irrelevant ads and spam.
  • Mistake 4: Cluttering pages with native ads.

You have valuable content on your website, but do you know if it is being read? Or read by the right people?  Even the best content will not achieve your marketing goals if it does not reach your target audience. By sponsoring stories, you can ensure your branded stories reach a highly engaged audience. Think of sponsored content as a way for customers to get to know your brand. You’re not producing advertorials or pushing products on them. Instead, you’re creating informative content that they can benefit from.

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Why Sponsored Content?

Few Benefits of Sponsored Content include:

  • Educate your target audience. Sponsored Content allows you to educate your target audience about aspects of your company, product or service. This may include sponsored videos and sponsored reviews.
  • Develop thought leadership. Some Sponsored Content is on informational topics that you want your brand associated with in your target audience’s mind. If an internet user or business owner has a particular need, does your brand instantly come to mind? If not, Sponsored Content can play a pivotal role to help you get on their radar screen.
  • Build positive sentiment toward your brand. Internet users and entrepreneurs notice Sponsored Content. They appreciate your efforts to reach out and inform them. Sponsored Content can be part of your overall marketing campaign to help you manage how internet users and the general creative community perceives your brand.
  • Inspire, entertain or inform your audience. Engage in a way that adds value to the consumer relationship Position your brand as a thought-leader and seek brand affinity. Determine what branded content is engaging users most and use this information to develop future marketing strategies

What is Branded Content/Native Advertising?

Branded content, also called native advertising, matches the unique look and feel of a publisher’s site so it fits seamlessly into digital environments.  Branded content is not brand-biased and focuses on informing, rather than convincing, a target audience. These sponsored stories are most often listed in the form of “suggested articles”.

Our Sponsored Content Services

We provide competitive sponsored content services. Our services include:

  • Well-crafted copy write content
  • Publishing your editorial messages
  • Branded content programs

Write to us about your business and your requirements. We answer all messages in timely manner. We value our customers.


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