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B2B & B2C Business Services on the following:

  • SEO Consulting Services and Copywriting
  • Competitive Blog Content Creation and Development
  • Products and Services Case Study writing
  • Products and Services Documentation and Description writing
  • Products and Services Whitepaper writing
  • Products and Services Educational Content writing for SEO

Sponsored Content Guidelines for Our Website

  • Links to the advertiser in respect to FTC Regulations and Google quality guidelines.
  • Posts must be original content. Posts must be well-written and high-quality, with no grammatical errors and research cited.
  • Posts should generally be between 400-800 words.
  • Posts must include proper attribution of data, quotations, and other third-party content referenced in the article.
  • Posts must include your logo and a sponsor message.
  • Posts must be submitted in HTML, Word or Google Doc format with any image files (including attribution and caption instructions) attached separately.
  • We accept payment in advance. Discounted sponsored posts will be considered for repeated sponsored posts from the same source.