Google has a new tool for small businesses to check how well their web site scores

  • Google’s new tool not only scores your page speed but also gives you a score for how mobile-friendly your website is.


    Google launched a new small business-friendly tool at that will show how mobile-friendly and fast a site is.

    The new tool combines the mobile-friendly testing tool and the page speed testing tool into one and gives the small business owner a clean and understandable report they can forward to their website developer. Google’s goal with this tool is to help drive more mobile-friendly and fast websites.

    The tool gives you three scores:

    • Mobile-friendliness;
    • mobile speed; and
    • desktop speed.

    In fact, this is the first Google tool to score your mobile-friendliness. The previous tool just said if your page is or is not mobile-friendly. Now it says just how mobile-friendly your page is.

    Here is a sample report:


    You can learn more about this on our sister site at Search Engine Land.


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