A Case Study: Four Reasons One Client Decided to Hire a Social Media Marketer

February 27, 2015

lionThe owner of a local mid-sized home services company had been spending thousands on his telephone book ads and his ads in an online Services Directory.  While he is doing well with repeat business and “word of mouth” referrals, he has seen a steady decline in the efficacy of his traditional marketing efforts.  After a little research, he explained why he decided to shift the majority of his marketing and advertising budget to Social Media:

  1. Branding and Visibility. He knows that the SEO for his website is working when people search for his business and location. However, he also understands that it is important for his company name to get as much exposure as possible for as many key words as possible. Because his Social Media posts will be cataloged by Google, this will give him even more visibility.  He also knows that there are over 1 billion active Facebook users. Exposure to this large and interested audience will give him even more exposure.

  1. Enagement.  This savvy business owner understands that people today want to know more about a company. They want the company to have a “human” face and that they may want to engage with his company in different ways. Since his business is not extremely exciting, having interesting and compelling posts will keep his company at the top of peoples’ minds when they need the services he offers. Having someone available to respond to comments and questions will also make him more approachable and customer friendly.

  1. Cost.  The online service directory he is using charges $ 67,000 a year for their advertising program.  He has been paying the local telephone directly $ 6,000 a month.  The “cost per lead” has increasing each year.  Social Media Marketing will be more economical and effective.  In fact, according to a survey by Hubspot, Inbound (Social Media) marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates three times as many leads.

  1. ROI is not Just About the Sale. While ROI might be difficult to calculate for inbound marketing, this gentleman understands that having a strong social media presence will attract new customers.  More importantly, he understands that maintaining an interested and involved audience will increase his opportunities to tell them about new products and services, keep them coming back when they need him, and encourage them to tell their friends and neighbors about him.  All of which will add to his bottom line.

Change is difficult – and can be frightening.  This new type of marketing often seems counter-intuitive and difficult to understand.  It is easier to continue doing what you have always done.  But, just as this business owner did, it might be time to start asking the hard questions: Are your telephone book ads and services directory listings still working for you?  If not, it might be time to get out of your comfort zone and join the other successful businesses on Social Media.

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