The Dangers of Letting Your Facebook Page Sit Dormant

February 26, 2015

Facebook Like, Facebook Marketing, Facebook, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Connections, Social Networking, Social Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Business, Business Marketing, Small Business, Small Business MarketingDespite having been around since 2004, many people continue to look past Facebook marketing as a valuable tool. This couldn’t apply more to business owners and managers, who often see Facebook marketing as confusing and pointless.

The truth is that Facebook marking is a valuable tool but only when utilized properly. It’s not difficult to utilize Facebook from a marketing standpoint — the only necessity is to regularly post intriguing and engaging content.

Yet even though Facebook pages are so simple, many people make one common mistake: creating a page and letting it sit. When it comes to Facebook marketing, remember that having a Facebook page doesn’t necessarily mean people are seeing it. In fact, creating a company Facebook page and letting it sit can be detrimental to your business.

Here are a few dangers of turning your Facebook marketing efforts into a ghost town:

1. The page becomes an eyesore

We’re talking about the Internet; people are drawn to attractive content and will pay attention to a Facebook page if they like what they see. The Internet is the land of short attention spans. If your page doesn’t jump out immediately, people won’t spend more than half a second looking at it.

2. People become turned off

Whether it is text, video, images or anything else, put something there and make it interesting and relevant. When people find your Facebook page, make them want to stay on your page and dig a little further into it. Besides, if people see that you’re not putting effort into your own company, why should they think you would put effort into serving them?

3. ‘Likers’ will not wait around

If those who ‘like’ your Facebook page notice a lack of content over the last few years, months or even weeks, they will be quick to hit the unlike button. If you allow your company’s Facebook page to sit dormant for an extended period of time, you might as well start over again. This happened with a client of mine last year and the task of regaining engaging ‘likers’ continues to pose an extreme challenge.

Facebook marketing is an integral part of a social media campaign. Facebook, like any other social platform, requires you to be active and engaging. If you don’t try hard enough the first time, you will pay for it in the end.

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