Enticing Mother’s Day Email Inspirations to Woo Your Subscribers

— April 21, 2017

Mother’s day is approaching and we have all got some business to do. Apart from buying flowers to baking cupcakes and making Mom feel special, it is also the time when brands plan out their email marketing strategies – evoking great sales by sending awe-inspiring emails to their customers.

According to a report by DMN News, an email marketer ideally starts sending emails 2 weeks before Mother’s day. It is seen that email subject lines that evoke emotion and contain the term “Mother’s Day” in the subject line text have 44% more open rates. Marketers try to entice shoppers by including coupons, price discounts, and free shipping.

Graph- Techniques used in Mothers Day emails

Email sent on time is worth every dime. And it is good to send a series of emails starting well in advance and also a post-Mother’s day email. When your subscribers get enough time to plan their holidays after seeing great offers in your email, it means higher CTRs for your email.

To stay ahead of your competitors and attain a winning score in your subscriber’s cluttered inbox, it is necessary that you go out of your league to design and code emails. Marketers have started sending out their best seasonal email marketing campaigns. If you do not already have a plan to reach out to your customers via email, then it’s not too late to get started.

For your reference, Monks have gathered some of the best Mother’s Day Email Template Inspirations for 2017 that promise to bring a smile on your subscriber’s face, as well as maximize ROI for your business.

Take a look!

Brand: Apple

Like any other Apple email, this one has a minimalistic design with the message conveyed very clearly. The simple and modest design ensures that the “Buy iPad Pro” CTA is highlighted and the CTA button is positioned above the fold. It also has an unsubscribe link included in the footer with an option to change the subscription email address. A great way to cover all relevant information in a simple and impressive design.

mothers day email template_ apple

Brand: Cloggs

This creative Mother’s Day email template from Cloggs has its logo and contact information clearly presented across the header with the centered logo. The navigation bar turns the email into a microsite, enhancing the email click-throughs and the mobile app links included also help in improving the click-throughs in case the maximum open rates are on mobile devices. It also has the Unsubscribe and “View in Browser” links.

mothers day email template_ cloggs

Brand: Fortnum and Mason

Fortnum and Manson has come up with a colorful and descriptive Mother’s day email that captures the reader’s attention. The header has the centered logo and a clear navigation bar. It also includes a hashtag #Fortnums which can help in marketing across social media platforms. They have advertised events related to Mother’s day with clear CTAs that would let the viewers respond to the invitation. The “View Online” link ensures that the receiver does not miss out on the email even if there are rendering issues on the email clients. The email has 2 CTA buttons which can help increase the click-through rates.

happy mothers day email_Fortnum-&-Mason

Brand: The Body Shop

This vibrant Happy Mother’s Day email from The Body Shop has all necessary elements to grab a viewer’s attention and enough content to keep them engaged. The content area begins with a Mother’s day wish and a link to their promotional video. It also includes social icons followed by a catchy hashtag #GOTITFROMHER with related posts. The offers section has CTA buttons including one leading to the list of physical stores nearby. The membership section can help improve click-through rates and the footer includes all the necessary information to verify the sender’s identity.

mothers day email template_ the body shop

Brand: Watches2U

Watches2U has their logo and the navigation bar in the header itself and an unsubscribe link in the footer which are a must haves in any promotional email. The creative copy of the email begins with a promotional code followed by a “Shop Now” link that improves the click-through rates. The section “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas” can lead to a blog post with promotional offers, which can in turn lead to improvement in website hits.

happy mothers day email_Watches2U-2

Did you come across an interesting Mother’s Day email campaign for this year? Share with us your favorites.

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