Search Engine Uses Machine Learning, Data To Identify Best Professionals To Recruit

Search Engine Uses Machine Learning, Data To Identify Best Professionals To Recruit

by  @lauriesullivan, March 18, 2021

Companies are finding it more difficult to recruit professionals for market research, especially after COVID-19 stimulus checks found their way into the bank accounts of millions. AI and machine learning, as well as integrations into some of the top companies nationwide, may hold the key to solving this problem.

NewtonX, a B2B research company, on Thursday, released technology to give companies the ability to discover and engage with hard-to-find experienced professionals. Company executives claims it can guarantee that professionals have been ID’d and had background checks, as well as checked to ensure they are experts in the specific subject matter.

Founded by former McKinsey consultants and CEO Germain Chastel, as well as COO Sascha Eder and CTO Yufei Pan, NewtonX performs an advanced process to recruit experts the company calls “Custom Recruiting, a process that enables real-time identification. It vets possible employees from an open network of 1.1 billion professionals. 

By sourcing insights from the most qualified subject-matter experts, NewtonX guarantees a 99% precision rate.

The Graph uses a series of APIs that interface with private databases from NewtonX partners, such as recruiting firms, professional associations, trade associations, conference organizers, as well as data providers and search engines such as Dow Jones Factiva, Bing, Google, LinkedIn, and Xing, among others. It scans for professionals that match customer criteria.

NewtonX was asked to match a global media company with marketing professionals to gauge sentiment around new privacy regulations. They recruited and engaged more than 5,000 senior advertising professionals — from chief digital officers at big advertising firms to heads of media at independent creative agencies, and directors of marketing at Fortune 500 companies. 

The NewtonX Knowledge Graph relies on natural-language processing and Elasticsearch to filter the most relevant professionals to the top of the list, helping customers get exactly who they need to speak with faster and with zero percent fraud. The Graph gets smarter with each query. Search & Performance Marketing Daily


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