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Should I Crowdfund?

Elliot Begoun — June 2, 2018 Follow @intertwinegroup — June 2, 2018 A founder wears many hats. Leader, evangelist, visionary, and more. One of the heaviest of those hats is as a fundraiser. Great ideas don’t become good businesses without money. Too often, this chase for capital becomes all consuming. Sadly, I know of … Continue reading Should I Crowdfund?

5 Crowdfunding Trends That Are Here to Stay

Christopher Moore — March 14, 2017 Follow @cjmoore— March 14, 2017 In the past few years alone, crowdfunding campaigns that range from awe-inspiring to absolutely hilarious (think: the infamous potato salad campaign) have taken the fundraising world by storm. Somewhere along the way, crowdfunding has become a staple strategy for individual fundraisers and nonprofit organizations … Continue reading 5 Crowdfunding Trends That Are Here to Stay