Build the Right Tech Stack to Deliver RevOps Solutions for High-Growth Businesses

The importance of delivering successful revenue operations (RevOps) initiatives for mid-size to enterprise-level companies relies on having a deep understanding of the tech ecosystem and building a robust martech stack that supports a well-aligned inbound strategy.

As the world gets more complicated and connected, marketers are getting more advanced in the way they use different tools to communicate and capitalize on growth opportunities. We’re seeing trends where more and more marketers are combining demand generation with revenue operations to produce high-growth systems with thoughtful, creative digital campaigns that break down the barriers between sales, marketing and customer success through the use of technology.

“Intelligent Inbound® is all about smart, strategic marketing campaigns that attract, convert, and delight your audience,” SmartBug President Jen Spencer says. “Activating and maximizing your tech stack gives you access to even more variety in your marketing campaigns. When working with clients, SmartBug® offers an end-to-end solution: We own the strategy, we do the work, and we create the reports to prove your marketing dollars are turning into real revenue.”

Discover the Perfect Partner for Your RevOps Campaigns

Martech providers that have partnered with SmartBug to help companies utilize a complete tech stack to implement high-growth RevOps campaigns include the following:

Vidyard for Video Marketing

Vidyard is the video marketing platform that helps businesses maximize the impact of email, content, and digital marketing programs. Vidyard enables users to host and manage video content from one central spot for customized playback experiences that convert viewers into leads, and then prove the impact of video strategy with analytics that sync to the marketing tech stack.

CallRail for Call Tracking

The CallRail platform helps businesses improve marketing performance and enhance customer experience. CallRail offers a powerful and intuitive call tracking product built for data-driven marketers who generate inbound calls through their marketing.

RollWorks’ ABM Platform for Cross-Channel Campaigns and Account Progression

RollWorks is a complete account-based marketing (ABM) platform that identifies ideal customer profiles (ICPs), scores target accounts, and finds key contacts. This empowers organizations to run multichannel ABM campaigns, track funnel stage progression, and measure their impact on revenue.

Brandlive for virtual communications and event experiences

Brandlive brings the magic of television to virtual events, empowering users to host, produce, and support events by building elevated, fully customized live and recorded video platforms. Brandlive’s product suite—Events, Showrooms, Greenroom, and Allhands—enables anyone to host events with features including advanced registration and best-in-class audience analytics.

Sendoso for Direct Mail

Sendoso enables companies to build deeper and more trusted relationships by providing a physical point of interaction. Sendoso is a sending platform that delivers modern direct mail, personalized gifts, e-gifts, and their trademarked Physical Impressions at scale.

Rybbon for Digital Rewards

Rybbon, a Blackhawk Network business and a leading provider of digital rewards, can help you raise awareness and receive the responses you’re looking for at every touch point in your strategy. Rybbon takes the pain and costs out of managing digital rewards with an industry-leading all-in-one solution for sending, tracking, and managing your rewards programs.

Leveraging all of these technology partners helps brands expand their reach, keep data about client interactions organized in one place, and attribute revenue to touch points to clearly identify what works. It provides a full revenue operations solution.

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