The Ultimate Landing Page Checklist

December 20, 2014


Landing pages are vastly important to any inbound marketing campaign, and their use can vastly increase the amount of leads you get from your website. However, just creating a landing page is not enough. They must be optimized to best suit your website visitors and turn them into leads. Not sure how to optimize your landing page? You’re in luck, because we have the ultimate landing page checklist for you.

Include the following on your landing pages:

  • A headline – Your landing page should always have a headline that conveys what the offer is quickly.
  • A description of the offer – Under your headline, you should briefly explain what the offer is and the value that it will give your visitor.
  • Keywords – Use keywords in your page titles, headers, and text on your landing pages.
  • Form – A form on your landing page is the most important part. It captures your visitors’ information and turns them into a lead.Navigation – You should not have a navigation bar on your landing page. A navigation bar could serve as a distraction to your visitor and deter them from filling out your form and claiming their offer.
    • Only capture the information you need – Your form on your landing page should only capture the information that you need the most to follow-up with the lead. Whenever possible, use ‘smart fields’ from HubSpot.
    • Form Button Text – The ‘default’ text on many online form buttons is ‘submit.’ This can often times turn your visitors off to your offer, as they don’t want to submit to something. Rather, make the button a statement that supports your offer. For example, if your offer is an ebook, make your form button text ‘Download Now’.
  • Social Sharing – Be sure to add social sharing buttons for the social mediums that your prospects use. They act as free promotion for your landing page.
  • Match the headline to the CTA – Do not misguide your visitors. If a visitor clicks on a call-to-action that offers them a free ebook, be sure that your headline of your landing page is offering them that same ebook that the CTA has. Do not use bait-and-switch techniques.
  • Keep it simple – Do not clutter your landing page with content and extensive text. Simple convey what the offer is
  • Highlight the offer’s value – Make sure the your visitor can clearly see the value they will get from your offer. Often times a bulleted list is a great way of doing this.
  • “The Blink Test” – A visitor should know exactly what they are getting by filling out your form by scanning your landing page for 3-5 seconds.
  • Image – You should have at least one image that helps support the offer. For example, if you are offering a free ebook, displaying an image of the ebook cover will help support the offer.
  • Use A/B Testing – Test various elements of your landing pages and view your results to help optimize your landing pages for your audience.
  • Testimonials & third-party seals – These are optional items to include on your landing page, but can help increase a visitor’s willingness to fill out your form, as they know that your offer has approval from other sources.

The benefits to a landing page are endless. They give your offers a place to live, easily generate leads, collect information on your prospects, and provide insights into the effectiveness of your marketing offers. By using the checklist above, you can ensure that your landing pages are fully optimized for your audience.

6 Examples of Great Landing Pages

The Ultimate Landing Page Checklist image Landing Page Example 5.png


The Ultimate Landing Page Checklist image Landing Page Example 2.png


The Ultimate Landing Page Checklist image Landing Page Example 3.png


The Ultimate Landing Page Checklist image Landing Page Example 4.png


The Ultimate Landing Page Checklist image Landing Page Example 1.png


The Ultimate Landing Page Checklist image Landing Page Example 6.png


How do you ensure the best conversion rates on your landing pages?


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