Ad tech firm Likqid Media launches publisher solution that can handle either HTML5 or Flash video ads

Called Fusion, it is designed to help publishers manage the transition away from Flash.

HTML5 and Flash

Although Flash technology is fading out, it appears to be dragging out its death scene like a small-time actor relishing the moment.

Publishers making the transition to HTML5 video ads, then, might still want to handle Flash video ads. To help ease the move, video ad tech firm Likqid Media is today announcing LKQD Fusion. The Foothill Ranch, California-based company offers video players, mediation and programmatic video ad serving and says it has about 250 clients.

Fusion is designed to provide a communications and functional bridge between Flash and HTML5, so that a publisher can still access, manage and present either type of video ad, regardless of the tech they use to present video content.

“If you’re tapping into any [programmatic] ads,” COO Scott Alexander told me, many are “still Flash-based.” He added that he had thought Flash was going to die out last fall.

“No one [else] has created a communications bridge between the two,” he said.

On June 30, Google stopped accepting Flash display ads into AdWords and DoubleClick Digital Marketing. On January 2 of next year, Flash display ads will no longer work on the Display Network or through DoubleClick.

Google’s support for Flash on its Chrome browser will end when this calendar year does, except for a handful of the top Flash sites, and the other major browsers are similarly phasing out support for the technology.


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