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URL Structure & SEO

Jonathan Alonso — September 25, 2018 — September 25, 2018 Technical SEO is an important aspect of search engine optimization. In fact, I have personally engaged in technical SEO that has resulted in about almost a 50% change in rankings just by focusing on your on-page to do list. In this article, I will specify … Continue reading URL Structure & SEO

6 SEO Tests You Need to Try

Brad Smith — October 19, 2017 Follow @bsmarketer — October 19, 2017 Nobody actually knows anything about SEO with 100% certainty. There are ~200 ranking factors. We think. Give or take. Links, content, and RankBrain top the list. We infer. (Image source) But never, ever, ever, does Google come out and say, “Here’s exactly what … Continue reading 6 SEO Tests You Need to Try