7 Free Twitter Marketing Tools for Social Media Managers to Cover All Bases

— September 19, 2017

If somebody told you that Twitter doesn’t matter, he or she told you wrong. Twitter is still the only social media platform where you can access anybody; even the Pope or the POTUS without sending a formal “connection” request. This feature of the micro-blogging platform opens up a plethora of opportunities, because it allows you to directly contact customers, potential ambassadors and partners or social media influencers.

But first, you have to learn to make the most of Twitter. If you think that a restricted budget is standing in your way, don’t let it do that anymore. This is a list of 7 free Twitter marketing tools that can transform your Twitter marketing.


The word “automate” still doesn’t sit well with many social media managers, but as a social media manager for a small business, this could be your only means of staying active across platforms.

IFTTT is a recipe based Twitter marketing tool that automates certain tasks based on specific triggers, both of which you can choose. Social media managers using the tool have already created tens of thousands of automation “recipes” over the years that you can simply apply to fill in your requirements. For instance, you can build a list of tweets on Spreadsheets mentioning a hashtag related to your industry, or automatically follow everyone mentioning your brand’s name.

2. DrumUp

Creating content to tweet 5 times a day, every day can leave you exhausted and all out of ideas. However, if you’re curating content 2 out of 5 times, and reusing old content 2 out of 5 times, that will leave you with only one unique, solid idea to tweet everyday.

DrumUp is a social media management and content curation app to help you build a powerful Twitter presence. Using the app, you can get keyword based content suggestion to 1-click tweet 2 times a day. You can also store evergreen and top performing posts in “content libraries” and set those libraries on auto-post to tweet 2 times a day. Finally, you can schedule that 1 last tweet for each day of the week, a month in advance, leaving you with all the time to interact with fans real-time and build powerful relationships.

3. TweetChat

Twitter has an incredible, free, content targeting tool; It’s called a Twitter chat. Think about it. Nobody but the most passionate of people in your niche shows up at a Twitter chat, and by participating in one, you can directly meet your high-potential target audience.

TweetChat is a Twitter conversation management tool that lets you find conversations based on keywords or hashtags and then join them. As Twitter chats move very fast and you can lose track using the keyword’s Twitter feed, it’s wise to set up the chat’s hashtag on TweetChat and participate in the chat from there. You can even interact with the tweets that show up on TweetChat’s keyword based feeds.

4. SumAll

“Data” and “analysis” can be uncomfortable areas for social media managers, but they are critical in improving Twitter marketing performance. Unless you can see how your tweets are performing, how will you know if your approach and strategy are wrong or right?

SumAll is a Twitter analytics tool that records data pertaining to important performance indicators on your Twitter account. The tool then processes the data and displays it in charts to simplify your job and make the insights gathering process easy. Use these insights to perk up your Twitter marketing performance.

5. ManageFlitter

Who’s following you? Who are you following? If you’re not sure why this matters, picture this. The tweets you send out are displayed to your followers. If they’re not potential customers or partners, they won’t interact. Your feed is filled with the tweets of people whom you follow. If it’s made of fake accounts or irrelevant profiles, you won’t find the right opportunities to propel your business.

ManageFlitter is a Twitter following analysis tool that helps you identify fake and dead accounts, and grow a relevant and engaged following organically.

6. TweetDeck

It’s critical for you to know what people are saying about your brand on Twitter, because the mention and repercussions can happen particularly quickly on this platform.

TweetDeck is a real-time Twitter monitoring tool that lets you set up columns to monitor specific keywords or hashtags on Twitter. The search returns in the columns can be made ultra-specific by adding negative keywords and words to include. The tweets that show up in the column can be engaged with real-time in-app.

7. Twitter lists

You know what Twitter’s most useful for? Building relationships. If you are following over 1000 people, this can be hard to do, but with Twitter lists, you can organize your contact list and conduct meaningful exchanges with important people effortlessly.

Twitter lists are essentially feed filters that let you collect certain people’s tweets together in isolated packets. You can create as many Twitter lists as you like, but I recommend creating 5 important ones. Add no more than 15-20 people on each list, so you can easily place them mentally and interact with them from time to time.

Twitter being the real-time and quick-paced social media platform that it is, requires special attention from social media managers, especially if they intend to use the platform to get business-transforming results.

Social media managers are always looking for smarter and more affordable alternatives to better manage their budget and time. With so many options for Twitter marketing tools, it’s tough to decide in which ones to invest. This list has a great selection of tools that can get you started.

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