Pinterest opens self-serve version of Pin Collective branded-content program

Through a deal with Popular Pays, Pinterest is helping all advertisers find talented folks to produce creative for its platform.

Pinterest opens self-serve version of Pin Collective branded-content program

Pinterest is helping smaller advertisers develop creative for its platform by launching a self-serve interface allowing them to find creatives to produce branded content for Promoted Pin campaigns. Once that Pinterest-identified influencer is hired by the brand and the content is produced, it can be used as advertising creative on the social network/visual search engine.

The self-serve platform is the programmatic version of the Pin Collective program that Pinterest introduced in October 2016. As part of that program, Pinterest’s sales team plays matchmaker between brands and creators. But now, brands can opt to make their own matches and the program is available to smaller advertisers who don’t spend enough to qualify for a dedicated sales representative.

The democratization of the Pin Collective offering has come through Pinterest’s deal with Popular Pays, which operates an online marketplace for brands and creators. Brands interested in using the platform can either contact their Pinterest sales rep or email

Adidas Originals was the first advertiser to use the programmatic version of Pin Collective, through which the brand found freelance stylist Liz Chernett, who produced 12 pins for the sportswear company’s streetwear brand.

Brands are required to run the resulting content as an ad on Pinterest and cannot use content created through the platform outside of Pinterest, according to a Pinterest spokesperson. Outside of the requisite ad buy, Pinterest does not generate any revenue from Pin Collective, such as taking a cut of the production fee paid to creators or charging brands for access to the platform. Brands compensate the creators through the Popular Pays-powered platform.

Brands with access to the platform will be able to post creative briefs, similar to the ones they provide to their creative agencies, and creators will submit pitches to produce the content. Brands can then pick one of the creators who applied and handle the rest of the deal, including any contact with the creator, through the platform. Pinterest employees will also be on hand to facilitate the campaign as needed. According to Pinterest, Pin Collective creators are able to turn around campaigns within 10 to 14 days.


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