Unlocking The Power Of Local Content To Drive Engagement And Increase Revenue

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When it comes to local SEO, creative local content is one of the best tools to get people engaged with a brand or business. A business’s content marketing strategy should include the consistent production of various types of local-focused content. Appearing in organic local search results is a direct product of these efforts and will eventually drive traffic into their brick-and-mortar location. Helpful content, in various forms, that drives engagement is the key.

Get People Engaged With Local Content

The key to consumers engaging with a brand or business, begins with with content.

  • Make it interesting. Include trending topics from a business’s area or industry, talk up relevant events, and holidays are always a conversation starter. Anything the community linked to the business is talking about should be reflected in their content.
  • Make it interactive. Include a different kind of content like a quiz, poll, game or contest that by its very nature encourages participation. Be sure to make it shareable so that consumers can pass it along to their connections.
  • Make it matter. Find a local cause in the community and get the business involved, whether it’s volunteering or making a donation. Remember to capture these moments in photos and video for later use. A business should be actively involved in their community and use local content to show off that involvement.

It’s time to get creative; this content can include videos, infographics and memes in addition to traditional copy. The more consumers interact with a business’s content, the more that business will be noticed by search engines, increasing their ranking in organic local search results.

Use Calls To Action

People consuming a business’s content is just the beginning; don’t stop there. Give their audience a call to action to drive engagement beyond initial contact.

  • “Click now to get your free trial”
  • “Learn more by clicking now”
  • “Share now with your friends”

The online visibility of that business increases to both consumers and search engines with each share, play and click.

Answer Questions Consumers Are Asking

What questions are customers and potential customers asking? What issues do they have that the business’s products or services can solve?

  • Create How-To videos on common problems and include the solution.
  • Highlight featured products or services and how these help consumers.
  • Design and promote an educational infographic.

The more a business serves their target audience, the more that audience will look to that business for solutions.

Get People Sharing Your Local Content

Social Media makes sharing easy and works well as part of your local content strategy. A common mistake businesses and brands make is only displaying new content in one place. Remember to share those great creations in multiple, relevant online locations.

For example, if you post a how-to video on YouTube, then make sure to provide a link to that business’s website in the description. Highlight the video with a brief blog on the website. And then keep the cycle going by posting it to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, wherever the target audience can engage with it and share it that is relevant. Make sure to continue your local content focus by including the necessary city and state data points in naming conventions and titles.

It’s important to make sure these updates are engaging, helpful and interactive. Taking these steps ensures your local content will become a power tool for both sales and your local search strategy.

What types of local content have you been creating?

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Unlocking The Power Of Local Content To Drive Engagement And Increase Revenue

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