Understanding Your Partners’ Social Media Capabilities

July 24, 2015


When you rely on partners to sell your products, you are also relying on them to promote you too, in the most favourable way possible. No pressure.

Invariably there are unavoidable issues with this, and at the same time you don’t want to miss out on your products/ services receiving a social media presence.

It’s all about understanding your partners capabilities and supporting them where possible.

Here I will be discussing the main issues channel marketers face when sharing content through their partners. Do you share these pain points?

The main Issues 

Punctuality is important 

If you give your partners some content, how do you know when they are going to post it – and therefore keep it relevant? The last thing you want is for them to post out of date content which is no longer valid.

Being consistent

Let’s also not forget about the importance of a consistent brand message. This can often be diluted when partners share content. Or even worse their post title does not portray your brand very well at all, and they do not include a crucial piece of information.

Socially educated – knowledge is power?

Some of your partners are smaller than others, each with their own demands (dealing with your competitors) which unfortunately delay or even stop your posts being a priority. And let’s be straight here, some may not really even understand the importance of social media, and are not utilising it to its full potential. You then come in with your content, expecting them to share it, and they are left feeling a bit over whelmed by it all. Do they really know the true benefit of completing this task? Or perhaps even how to complete this task efficiently so it is not the bane of their life? Will all partners know/ like/ trust social? Do they care? What’s in it for them? These are things that they say, when they have lots of sales people and not many marketing people… and social is marketing, right?

But don’t worry there is a solution, and I plan to inform you of this in my next blog post. Stay tuned, and I will reveal all.

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