Why A Blog Is Instrumental In Increasing Organic Traffic

August 29, 2015


Organic traffic is seen as the best type of traffic because it is free, and it brings in users that actually searched for something relevant to your product or service; thus, they are the most likely to become a customer or client. While you may realize the importance of organic traffic, you may not realize a very important source of it, your blog. This blog post will highlight why a blog is so important for increasing your organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimization And Ranking For Keywords

If you are a blogger that understands SEO, then you are much more likely to increase your organic traffic with a blog. You must first conduct keyword research to find which words or phrases your targeted audience is searching the internet for. Hubspot’s keyword tool is great for finding keywords that have a high search volume, but are not hard to rank for in search engines. There are many tools to conduct keyword research with, but be sure that you are looking for keywords that your targeted audience will search for.

After you conduct your keyword research and find words or phrases that your audience is searching, you should create blog topics with those phrases and write content based on them.

If your blog uses targeted keywords for your audience, they are more likely to value the content highly and share it on social media, or even their own blog.  This helps in the link-building process, which is another aspect of SEO. Also, once you have a backlog of content, make sure you are internally linking to your other content, as this is another SEO tip that will help increase your organic traffic.

Also be sure that your blog’s meta description entices the reader to click the link.  A meta description is usually only 150 characters, so it is, in a sense, your elevator pitch to let the reader know why they should click your link and read your blog. It may seem petty, but it is an effective way to aid in increasing organic traffic.

All of the above SEO techniques will help increase your blog’s organic traffic, and they all work in conjunction with one another.

The Right Blog Topics

As it was briefly mentioned above, blog topics are very important for increasing your organic traffic.  With blog topics that are irrelevant to your industry, your organic traffic will never have a chance to reach its potential. That is why the keyword research is so important, because it helps you curate blog topics that your targeted audience is interested in. If you have great keywords that your audience is searching for, but are struggling to come up with blog topics that use those keywords, HubSpot has a great ‘blog topic generator’ tool that can help you.  Be sure that the tool isn’t your only source for creating blog topics, as they can get redundant, but it is a great tool to help you generate some ideas when you are struggling to find them.

Once your blog title is set, make sure that the content within the blog is relevant to the title. Don’t create blog titles with targeted keywords and then write content within the blog that doesn’t align with the title. That is a black-hat technique and it will turn your audience off from your blog.

If your website is struggling to bring in organic traffic, or if it has started to plateau, you probably have to look no further than your blog techniques.  A blog that properly utilizes SEO is an important piece for increasing your organic traffic.

Do you have a success story in which blogging helped your website thrive?

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