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Anticipate and Think Exponentially

Daniel Burrus — March 16, 2020 Technology-driven change will continue to accelerate at an exponential rate. Now that quantum computing has recently entered an early phase of application, exponential change will accelerate. Therefore, it is time to turn accelerating change into an advantage by leaning to anticipate and think exponentially! Anticipatory Mindset Takes Advantage of … Continue reading Anticipate and Think Exponentially

How to Deal With Difficult Clients: 9 Innovative Strategies

Hannah Cohen — July 14, 2019 — July 14, 2019 Dealing with tough clients is a part and parcel of every agency business. Learn how to deal with difficult clients with 9 strategies in this article. In agency hallways, conference rooms, and cafeterias, the stories abound. Sometimes shared in hushed tones, sometimes in boisterous tales … Continue reading How to Deal With Difficult Clients: 9 Innovative Strategies

Getting Started with Innovation Management

Michel van Hove — June 24, 2019 — June 24, 2019 What is Innovation Management? Innovation Management involves all activities that provide the right conditions for innovation to repeatedly deliver value for customers, competitive advantage and growth for the business as well as benefits for employees and all other stakeholders. Innovation management needs to become … Continue reading Getting Started with Innovation Management