5 Signs Your Brand Is A Social Media Addict – Well Done!

April 10, 2015

07041511Social media, it’s one those terms that you know brings great importance and value to many. Whether it is for increasing brand exposure, social selling, connecting individuals together, or even just for fun, it has huge benefits. But when do these great benefits become so fundamental to your life that you/ your brand can no longer live without it. Sound familiar?

Here I will share 5 signs that you and your brand may be addicted to social media. Don’t worry it’s nothing to be ashamed of, if anything it illustrates that you are embracing social media for the greater good and wreaking the benefits. Good for you.

  1. Do I have any updates?

Is your work life dependant on receiving notifications that show your post has been accepted and embraced in the online world? For brands, this is really useful stuff. Being on top of their online communications shows they are managing their sites effectively. This ensures potential customers are receiving excellent customer service and also shows what a fantastic company you are. 2 out of 3 buying decisions occur digitally, before interaction even occurs. And with social media being an ever increasing platform, you can be right at the forefront of your target audiences mind, encouraging them to pick you over competitors.

  1. Multiple social media accounts

Do you actively use more than 3 social networks, and interact with others on there on a daily basis? I admire you, it shows you are taking advantage of the digital world and all that it has to offer. A diverse range of audiences can be reached on social media, due to the variety of purposes for each. A lot of skill is required when aiming to reach a wide audience. So if you’re achieving this, you sound like a genius to me!

If however you struggle to manage all of your accounts, why not use a social media platform. You can schedule posts, send out to all networks, and if your brand operates within a channel or sells directly, you can also use it to send posts out to your partners and employees, who can then share this to their connections. And it’s so easy.

  1. 10 updates a day

Do you aim to send a high number of posts a day? Do you normally achieve this? Now here’s a question, do you receive much attention from sending these out? It’s alright just posting them, but if you are not receiving significant response or even worse if you are losing followers/ connections/ friends, this MAY just indicate your addiction has got out of hand and you need to act on this FAST. Book yourself into half an hour of purechannelapps rehabilitation, and read some of our blogs. Don’t worry, this will cure you.

  1. Share, share, share

Are you a sharer? Do you share a lot of others content?  It’s good to share; not just for the person that created the content, but also for your connections, who can now appreciate it just as much as you did. But be warned; do not share content that you have not fully read. This could make you look extremely bad, or worse you could end up promoting one of your competitors. You don’t want that now, do you?

  1. Increased followers

Do you receive A LOT of new followers? This shows they are liking what you are posting and want to read more. But do they go as quickly as they come? If yes, it sounds to me like they are only interested in one thing… for you to follow them back. Don’t fall for their silly behaviour. Only follow those that you are interested in. And be sure to check their follower to follow ratio. Trustworthy, interesting connections normally have more followers than those who they follow. Check when you decide whether to link with them.

So if you are in fact a social media addict, high five to you. It shows that you are embracing the technological world. It is the future and as I am sure you are well aware it will make a fundamental difference to any brand. Get it right and you are on to a winner.

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