Some Important Factors to Keep In Mind While Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

November 3, 2015

The online image of a company is becoming more and more important with the increasing popularity of the internet and the social media. The whole world is transforming into a big online community where every piece of information is available at the click of a button. So in such a scenario the role of a Digital marketing Agency is extremely important. And also more important is to select the right agency for your business. When you sign a digital marketing agency for your company you are not only giving them your business, you are actually giving them the power to build or destroy your brand reputation.


You need to understand what experience the company who would be handling your online reputation has. You need not give the handling of your online branding to a company who is just starting up and knows nothing about the business. What we primarily mean is that a company might be having years of experience in other domains but what is relevant to you is how much experience they have in your domain and your industry.

timeResponse time

You also need to ask them what would be the average response time in case you have a situation or a query. You need not be waiting for hours or days to get your query handled. So ask them about the average response time for an email or a phone call. There might be situations when you would require them to act on an urgent basis. So keep that in mind as well.

Local advantage

It is important to hire a company which has its office locally as well. For example, if you are running your business from Sydney then you must hire the Best Digital marketing Agency in Sydney. You can’t hire an agency that is situated somewhere in Europe for example. This is because they would know the local market well enough. So when some situation or panic occurs local company would be able to handle it in a better manner. So always give value to the local advantage that will bring with it. And instead of hiring a global digital marketing company which doesn’t even have an office in your city; it’s better to hire the local Digital marketing Agency.


Ethics in a company are very important for a long term relation. So you need to make sure that the company that you hire is ethical and follows only the legitimate and fair practices of digital marketing. This is because the search engines these days have become extremely strict on wrong and unethical SEO practices. The penalty that was just for the content has now gone on to increase to domain penalties as well. This means your entire domain would get penalized. The sites providing poor content and following Black Hat SEO tactics have been severely affected in the recent times because of penalties from search engines. So it is extremely important that digital marketing agency follows only fair marketing practices.


One thing that might be important for you to know is about what is the diversity of the clients that they are handling. The company that you are going to hire must be catering to a diverse set of clients from all domains and from all levels. It needs not be handling just a handful of clients from the local area. Yes, we said that the local advantage is useful, but then a company must not be just having the experience of handling some small clients based out in the local city. Also the Local Company must also be doing digital marketing for its clients globally as well. It must be having clients of all levels i.e. from small to medium to large sector. This will make sure that it is well versed with the intricacies of the small as well as large businesses. So just hire local Agency so that you get that local advantage, but also make sure that it has diverse set of clients.


Yes, it is important to ask for references of their current clients. This way you can get an idea of how the company is doing by looking at what is the online image of their existing clients. You can even see if you reach out to some of them to know if they are satisfied with the company services or not and if you are making the right choice by hiring them or not. So please do ask for the references of existing clients.


The last but not the least thing to note is that how the company charges its clients. You obviously don’t want to be paying too much to them for their services. There might be companies that charge on per hour basis and there are companies that offer fixed packages, and there are many more types of pricing mechanisms being followed. So this is up to you to decide which pricing type suits you the best. And after knowing the pricing also make sure to do a comparison for what is the existing range of rates being offered by other players in the market.

So now you are all set to go for hiring a good Digital marketing company for your business. And while you do that just keep in mind, you are not just choosing a service provider; you are actually choosing a partner. This partner will now be responsible for the reputation of your business.

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