Small Business Survival Guide – Known Marketing Strategies To Mark Up Your Business Sales

Doesn’t matter what category of business you are presently in, be it big or small everyone should do something to boost up sales especially in these difficult times. No one is spared from being the next victim of liquidation or closure because of the economic down-turn of the last three years. But not everything is on the negative side. There are so many things that we can consider as a great benefit that resulted from the economic crisis. As a matter of fact, many costumers are still benefiting from this consequence in spite of the price hike and the changeable interest rates are still evident.

First, due to the deflation of the value of money, people are now more deliberate when buying stuff. All things should be considered before finally giving a go to swipe that card or sign a check. Because of this buying attitude, companies as well became aware of their goods. They are now offering added value, freebies, bigger portion and others just to maintain or get new customer dedication. Second, competition is harsher now than ever. Companies are providing special perks like low interest rates and other eye-catching promotional discounts.

It is precisely for these reasons small companies should also be combative in terms of marketing strategies to increase sales. Virtually everything now can be made online. That is why even small businesses should have a presence on the wide world of web. This is the trend today, so might as well use it to your business advantage. The tide’s flow is expeditious and going to the general direction of fiber optics. Consumers are finding all means to save especially on requirements like food, gas and electricity. That is why online pre shopping and online actual shopping is the “in” thing today. If your haven’t uploaded your business website yet or it is not search-able on the web, you might as well consider other means of generating your revenues.

Below are some of the most important things one must be concerned about to produce leads and pickup sales in this enormously competitive world that we are living in at present:

Understand your business and classify your target marketplace

This is the very first thing in the list of every business owners if they want to increase their sales. Bring to mind that you have to ascertain your target market: Young, old, teens, women, men, mom’s etc. If your business is for generalized consumption, yes it is ideal to make everyone your target market. If you can categorize yourself with one or two specific targets or demographics you’ll be able to measure the results clearly. The great thing about this is that you’ll be able to address one specific approach before making it wider for everyone. More often than not, it can be overwhelming to start with an extensive target. You tend to lose track of your brand and business resolution. Be specific first then go further.

Be Personal

Consumers today are extremely sensitive and picky. They are more wiser and are more deliberate when it comes to making their purchases. Gone are the days where customers will procure everything they see on tv. They now explore and see what’s in it for them when they patronize your product or service. This is exactly the reason why getting personal is how you make things happen. With Autoresponder today and other email marketing services, being individualistic can already be achieved. No matter how big your clientele is, these marketing approaches can do it for you. All you need to do is find a specific one that is customized to the one that you need on a very reasonable price. There are even trial versions so you don’t have to commit immediately in-case you are indecisive. Personalize your approach. When replying to queries, ensure that you show understanding and try to reach out to their needs. This will make them feel treasured; it’ll make them want to be part of your business.


Just like everything else, being consistent produces constructive outcome. In marketing and in generating sales, consistently communicating with your patrons and consumers will help a great deal. Customized emails every time they have inquiries, follow-up emails and call after they’ve purchased something and most significantly emails and other means of communication every time you’ll have a sale or discounts that are about to come out. Again, this will make them feel treasured. It will make them appreciate that you remembered them. With this approach, you continuously remind your patrons that you are still in the business and that you need to be ready to assist them and make their lives simpler. As previously mentioned, patrons are looking for their money’s worth. Surely, these simple strategies will make consumers feel that they are valuable and that you are doing an extra mile to reach out to your clients.

Put wisdom not rubbish

In marketing your