Top 10 SEO Tips for Ecommerce Websites

Search engine optimization, is a process to make a website search engine friendly. Search engine friendly websites are easy to crawl and indexed by search engines, which helps in easy rankings for a website on its targeted keywords. There are certain steps which need to follow to make a website Search engine friendly. Below are given top ten SEO  tips for an Ecommerce website:

CONTENT: As it is said that, “Content is King”, so the first thing you must consider while optimizing your website is be to keep your content short, precise and relevant. It should not contain unnecessary information.

KEYWORDS: Always try to use keywords which can highlight the specialty of your product as well as your website. A soon as a user types something on the search engine and it matches with your keyword, you can make that user land on your website.

ACCESSIBILITY:  If a user has landed on your website’s page and looking for the product description, make sure that he is able to reach the product in the least number of clicks. More and more clicks may irritate visitors and tend them to move on some other site.

PRODUCT  EVALUATION: A smart way to make a unique content is displaying user generated content from your customers. It allows customers to comment on the usability of your product and thus maintains a healthy customer relationship.

HIGHLIGHT  YOUR  PRODUCT: This is the reason why your website exists on the internet, therefore, try to include your product in the keywords on the home page so that it can help to attract more traffic.

USE OF IMAGES:: Most of the online retailers’ sites are full of images. This should be given due importance that use images only if you think that it matches the kind of product you are offering. Excessive use of images can destroy your website’s reputation.

SEO  FRIENDLY URL: If you make your website with SEO  friendly URLs, the chance of a person to visit your site and buy your product increases. Try to keep your product pages as close as possible to your source page.

TITLE TAGS: Use the unique title tags and avoid to use extra keywords that are repeated in the title tag.

LINKS  FOR  PRODUCT: Make keyword rich links from within the product descriptions of one product linking to other.

AVOID REPETITIVE COPY: Most of the online retailers use the same content for their product description and following a repetitive copying trend will not help you out to differentiate your product from the others.