Reviving Your Old Blog Posts Steps 6 and 7: Optimize for Social Media and Start Driving Traffic

— September 6, 2017

Reviving Your Old Blog Posts Steps 6 and 7: Optimize for Social Media and Start Driving Traffic

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Are Your Blogs Optimized for Social Media?

Let’s get back to something super simple. Our task right now is to make sure it’s easy to share our updated (and new) content via social media.

When we talked about images, I asked you to think about what social media sites are most important to you. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where is your traffic coming from?
  • Where are you finding your target audience?
  • Where are you making money?

These are the social media sites you want to focus on. If you don’t know the answer to these questions, stop here. Don’t go further until you know the answer to these questions as well as you know your own birthday!

If you aren’t quite sure how to check your stats, Social Media Examiner has the information you need in their post, “How to Measure Social Media Using Google Analytics Reports.”

Now, back to our topic.

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of blogs that have a huge list of social share buttons at the bottom of their post. Chances are all those buttons aren’t doing much good. Instead, focus on your main two to three social media sites and make it easy for people to share.

Do you get a lot of traction from Twitter? Make sure you make it easy to tweet out little key snippets of text from your posts. Two excellent tools for this are ClicktoTweet and TweetThis.

Get good results from Facebook and having your content shared? Put a big Facebook button on those posts.

Do a lot of new readers and customers find you via Pinterest? Make sure you have pin buttons on all images and pay close attention to the alt tags on your images. The alt tags will become the default description for your pins. So be descriptive and inviting. Try a few different types of calls to action and see what gets you the biggest click through rates.

Reviving Your Old Blog Posts Steps 6 and 7: Optimize for Social Media and Start Driving Traffic

Let’s break it down. There are two different types of work you’ve got to do here. The first is to make sure you have the share buttons in place you need on your blog.

The second part is to pay attention as you create or revive your blog posts.

  • Make sure your alt tags are descriptive for Pinterest.
  • Make sure you pick good tweetable quotes for Twitter.
  • Make sure your images and descriptions do well in Facebook. If you don’t like the text Facebook auto pulls from your posts, try adding a different one in the meta description box in WordPress.

Got it? Great – get to work and do that for your general blog settings and the blog post you’re reworking right now. I’ll meet you back here when you’re done.

Step 7 – Start Driving Traffic to Your Blog

Just because you build it doesn’t mean they’ll come. So let’s get to the exciting part. Everything is updated and ready to go. If you haven’t already done so republish or hit save. Go look at your post and make sure everything looks the way you want it to. Try the links. Are they all working and are your affiliate links tracking ok?

Blog SuperHero Tip: Check your blog in different browsers and have a team member or friend check. Make sure everyone sees the same thing you do!

Great. Now it’s time to get the ball rolling and give the post a little head start to get some traction.

Change the Date

Change the publish date to today’s date so your post shows up on the home page of your blog and gets sent out via RSS feeds. This alone will get some traffic coming to the new post and people may just share via social media etc.

FYI: If you choose to leave the original post on your site, add a line to the bottom of the new post such as: “This article originally posted on date.” By doing this you reduce the chance of a penalty for duplicate content from Google.

Share on Social Media

Speaking of which… now is a great time for you to send out some of those social signals and make sure your post starts to get shared on your best social media sites. Go ahead and pin your images. Then go back and re-pin it to one or two of your favorite group boards as it applies.

Share the post on Facebook, to your personal profile, pages you manage and groups as well. Don’t spam, but share it freely where it is welcome.

Don’t forget to tweet it a few times today as well. Missinglettr is an exceptional program I use to automate this process. And work your mojo on whatever other social media sites you participate in.

Reviving Your Old Blog Posts Steps 6 and 7: Optimize for Social Media and Start Driving Traffic

The idea here is to get the traffic rolling and get things started. From here it will spread around. Some posts will do great and get you a bunch of traffic for a while, others may not. But they may surprise you a few months down the road. The key is to get the ball rolling and spread the word about your revived post. If nothing else, it will make sure that Google quickly indexes the changes. And you might just pick up a few new readers along the way.


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