Live Video: Can It Help Build Your Business? [Infographic]

— June 24, 2019

Live video today is changing the way people watch video and can be used to build your business. 8 out of every 10 people would watch video that is live rather than read a blog post or social media post. But what are people watching live now? 56% are watching breaking news, 43% of people are watching conferences and music concerts, and 30% are watching sports events. The most watched platforms that people watch live on include: 17% are watching on Facebook, 16% are watching on YouTube, 12% are watching on Snapchat, 9% are watching on Periscope, and 9% are watching on Twitter, many other people are watching on many other platforms.

Some of the most watched videos that were live are:

  1. Red Bull and had 8 million simultaneous streams in 2012 when Felix Baumgartner jumped from a space capsule at 120,000 feet up and parachuted back to Earth,
  2. FIFA had 7.7 million views at one point during the stream in the 2018 World Cup match between Argentina and Iceland ended in a 1 to 1 draw, and drew record setting views.

But if so many people are watching live, how can we fascinate crowds enough to become interested in our businesses.

Going live can make people pay much more attention to your business’s ideas as only 20% of people finish an article, like this one, and most only finish the first quarter and 69% of users prefer video to text when learning about a specific brand or business. Live video can be much more effective than text in so many ways. Livestreams draw 6 times the engagement of viewers video-on-demand, 97% of consumers are willing to share live video on social media platforms, and 2 out of every 3 who watch a stream will purchase tickets to a similar or the same event.

So many are watching live, find out ways to use live video here.

Live Video: Can It Help Build Your Business? [Infographic]

Infographic Source: Switcher Studio

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