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How to Avoid the Talent Gap in Your Business

Rick Lepsinger — December 21, 2018 Follow @onpoint_llc — December 21, 2018 422737 / Pixabay It may sound like a cliched “truism,” but an organization really is only as good as its people. Without engaged and talented employees, companies often struggle to deliver quality business results. Unfortunately, research has indicated that only about 60 percent … Continue reading How to Avoid the Talent Gap in Your Business

Talent Still Matters!

Dave Brock — September 26, 2018 Follow @davidabrock — September 26, 2018 geralt / Pixabay Developing any high-performance sales team starts with talent. If you have the wrong people, no tools, processes, programs, training in the world will make up for it. Yet, too often, managers treat this issue too cavalierly. I constantly see: Sloppy … Continue reading Talent Still Matters!