Email Drives Both Lead Generation And Nurturing: Study

  • Email Drives Both Lead Generation And Nurturing: Study

    by , August 13, 2018

    Email is a close second to social media as a productive B2B lead-generation tactic. But it is first in lead nurturing, according to Generating and Nurturing Lead Survey, a study by Ascend2.

    Of the 229 marketers polled, 47% say email is an effective nurturing tactic, followed by content or video marketing (45%), social media (40%), web personalization (33%) and search engine optimization (33%).

    In contrast, social media is rated as an effective lead-generation tool by 47%, and email by 46%. In addition, 39% feel that content or video is productive, and 38% cite SEO. 

    Their goals are different at each stage of the process. The respondents list their lead-generation priorities  as follows:

    • Improve the quality of leads — 48% 
    • Increase the number of leads — 46%
    • Improve strategy effectiveness — 37%
    • Improve lead data analytics — 36% 
    • Improvise ROI measurability — 32%
    • Increase web visitor conversions — 31%

    Their lead nurturing priorities are different:

    • Increase sales opportunities — 55%
    • Increase customer conversions — 53% 
    • Increase brand awareness — 35% 
    • Improve personalization — 31%
    • Decrease sales cycle time—30%
    • Improve lead data segmentation — 29%
    • Improve strategy effectiveness — 28% 

    Overall, 58% rate themselves as very successful in demand creation, or best in class. And 35% see themselves as somewhat successful. Only 7% say they’re failing at it.

    In addition, 46% agree their digital demand generation is improving moderately and 38% significantly. Only 12% feel their effectiveness is worsening moderately, and 4% that it is significantly down.

    Only 8% rely entirely on in-house resources to generate and nurture leads. Some 56% combine outsourced and in-house resources, and 36% rely totally on outsourced specialists. Search Marketing Daily