Web Site Designers Are Expensive! A Simple Savings Strategy for Small Business Owners

  • November 30, 2014


    Web site designers “can” be expensive, yes… but you have more control over costs than you think. Seriously. Are YOU paying your web site designers too much?

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    The #1 reason the vast majority of small business owners are paying more than necessary for web site design is…

    Lack of proper planning for the future growth of your business.

    You don’t expect that your web site or business will stay the same across the years, do you? (Well, if you do, that’s a bigger issue than this article can address. 😉 But provided you don’t…

    Failing to make sure your web site is scalable guarantees you’ll outlay way too much cash for your web site designers…

    …and who can afford to do that in this economy?

    Let’s put this costly mistake into perspective.

    The Sordid Tale of Silly Sally

    There once was a small business owner named Silly Sally who hired web site designers to create her business’ web presence. She checked their portfolio, their online reputation, and exhaustively interrogated them to be sure they met her needs. And they did — with great features, and for a great price.

    So then… how did her long-term costs become so outlandish?

    Well, despite the wonderful deal she initially received from her web site designers, dear Silly Sally, silly slacker that she is, ended up having to contract them yet again… JUST THREE MONTHS LATER… to help her devise an more scalable content strategy. Yeeouch.

    “To devise a WHAT?!”

    Oh. Umm, long story short:

    Silly Sally didn’t consider the notion that she’d actually want to add more stuff to her web site at some point.

    She also didn’t consider the fact that she’d want to do it so often that rehiring web site designers each time would prove way crazy.

    Now, do you see…?

    Therefore, a mere 90 days after her initial web site’s inception, Silly Sally had to outlay yet more cash to get her web site designers to redo her site to allow for easy/frequent do-it-yourself updates.

    But by that time, she’d already ended up wasting many hours (and hours!) fighting through her old, unexpandable web site, trying to fit lots of square pegs into round holes. Not to mention the fact that she also ultimately threw her repeat visitors off (albeit temporarily) by switching things around and changing the look and structure of the site that they were used to for no apparent reason.

    Triple whammy… or “whoopsie,” as it were.

    How Can You Avoid Such a Series of Silly and Unfortunate Events?

    Web Site Designers Are Expensive! A Simple Savings Strategy for Small Business Owners image web site designers partnering 300x270.jpgAs we can learn from Silly Sally, if you make the costly mistake of choosing a design structure that’s rigid and inflexible, updating or changing your web site can end up being not only lecherous on the wallet, but a frustrating, anger-inducing time leech as well.

    Truly partnering with your web site designers to map out a plan which allows for easy, seamless growth is imperative for keeping costs as low as possible.

    If you’re like many business owners, your web site will grow as your business grows. And managing that growth can be pain-free if you have a web site design that can be easily molded to change.

    “So Umm, How Do You Propose that I Do That?”

    So glad that you asked, kind Reader.

    Next week, we’ll cover how best to consider the types of content you plan to publish, and will reveal exactly what information you should be prepared to pass along to YOUR web site designers to ensure the fastest, most user friendly, most economical web site design possible.

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