Waze enables programmatic inventory, to offer richer analytics with Google ad tech integrations

Local businesses advertising on the platform can bring customers to their front door with programmatic placements and richer analytics that include real-time insights.

Waze enables programmatic inventory, to offer richer analytics with Google ad tech integrations

Waze announced Wednesday that its zero-speed takeover ad unit is now available programmatically via Google’s Display & Video 360 DSP. The Google-owned navigation app also said it will integrate with Google Campaign Manager to provide deeper measurement, allowing brands to compare Waze campaign performance against other media buys.

Why you should care

The Display & Video 360 connection marks the first integration by Waze with Google’s ad tech properties and first foray into offering its inventory programmatically.

The relatively new zero-speed takeover ads appear when the driver is near a location — or a brand’s billboards as McDonald’s has tested — and the car is stopped. Buyers can layer first-, second- or third-party data in targeting Waze users, including information about their location, frequent routes, weather, and time of day.

Waze promoted search ads and branded navigation pins are not offered via programmatic at this point.

The Campaign Manager integration will let media buyers compare Waze reach and frequency metrics against other channels.

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