Understanding and Resolving Your Channel Partners’ Social Media Capabilities: Part 2

August 4, 2015

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So let’s recap from my last blog post on the problems channel partners face with social media, just to get you up to speed.


  1. Partners take too long to post content – Once your partners finally find the time to post your content onto social media, is it sometimes out of date, or not relevant? Frustrating I know!

  1. The post title does not sound like your brand – So your partners create a post title for your content, but do they miss a vital piece of information, or the title is worded in a way that does not represent your brand at all?

  1. Your partners aren’t all socially savvy – Not all of your partners are the same size, each with different capabilities and strengths, with some highly equipped to deal with social media, and others not really understanding its worth. It would be great if all partners were on the same page.

So what is the solution? 

They need assistance

Your partners need your help, they need to be educated into the BIG online, social media world. And it’s your job to do this, because no-one else will. You expect results and this is the best way to ensure it is achieved.

A social media content syndication program is a must

It’s easy, make it simple for your partners, and use a social media management program. All they then need to do is click share, and your posts will appear on all of their chosen social networks. Obviously I will be biased and say socialondemand is the best for this, but there are other social media programs you could test. These include, Buffer, Hootsuite, Falcon Social just to name a few.


At purechannelapps, when we deploy our software to clients, who operate within a channel, to ensure our software is effectively utilised, we conduct extensive training. This is to get everyone up to speed not only with the software, but also to explain why social media is such an effective way to increase their exposure. I would highly recommend this.

But what sort of training should you conduct? Stay tuned for our blog post next week where I will be outlining a full training program you should implement to your partners. We use this training program for our customers and trust me it works.

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