Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips From 2021

Facebook is among the most used social media platforms for communication and interaction. You can create your business page and build connections with your potential customers and followers as a marketer. Generally, valuable content, video posts, and the classic organic post are the standard type of posts.

Besides that, Facebook also offers you to advertise your products or services through paid ads. You can target a specific audience by using keywords, interest signals, demographic information, etc. Also, you can set up a Facebook custom target audience for retargeting those who have already visited your website or app.

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Looking at the predicted trends of content relevant for Facebook marketing in 2021, it’s expected that what users consume on Facebook will continue to shift from text-based posts to videos and audio recordings. With that shift, you need to adjust your Facebook strategy, and it’s why we are going to show you the best Facebook Marketing Tips that you can use in 2021.

Here are the Top 10 Facebook Marketing Strategies in 2021 to help you build an effective marketing plan for your business.

Post Original and Fresh Content

Content is king, and everybody knows that. Post original and fresh content on your business page or group if you have any. Make sure that your post is providing real value to the followers. Provide your audience with valuable information, make them laugh, or encourage them by sharing something inspirational.

Constantly update your status so the audience can get familiarized with your brand and product line. The leading social network wants its users to run their businesses inside Facebook no matter what they do. So this is why your customers should be aware of any changes in new products or services you provide.

Don’t forget to use keywords or hashtags within every single post, as well as an accurate description of each position to increase organic reach for your post. Optimize your Facebook posts that focus on local awareness through a location-based post.

Make sure to create and share original, exciting, and relevant content regularly. It’s better not to post too many times during one day. Otherwise, you may annoy your followers.

Use More Visual Content (videos and images for increasing engagement, sharing, and visibility)

Visual content performs much better than written content. To increase your engagement, sharing, and visibility on Facebook, make sure to use more visual content (videos and images) in your posts. Uploading high-quality videos will help you to build a professional image for your business.

Video content is a more interactive way of getting customers’ attention or engaging, and video sharing rates are always higher than text posts. It’s worth mentioning that Facebook now ranks videos highly in its News Feed, so including a 15-second long video within your post will help to generate more engagement and reach outside of Facebook.

Video adverts have become an excellent choice for marketers to promote their business on the leading social network. Videos grab people’s attention quickly, especially when posted on the timeline of followers’ pages. That’s why most of the big brands use video advertising as part of their marketing strategy.

Understand How to Create a Viral Post

Posting something viral is the key to gaining more reach and engagement on your business page, group, or profile. While there’s no silver bullet to create a post that will ‘go viral’ or generate much attention, you can use certain ingredients that will increase your chances. If you can create a post that people share with their friends and family members, it will provide you with no less than better results.

You can use a compelling idea such as a funny image, engaging video to make your post promo viral to attract new followers for any business. It works well if you target this tip during holidays, national events, or just after making important announcements like discounts, new product releases, etc., on Facebook.

The best part about high-engagement posts is that they let you acquire new customers free of charge. Also, you can see your engagement rate will be higher than usual, and the follower growth rate will also be higher, which will help increase your reach on Facebook.

Use Facebook Polls – Answer Questions

Question-based polls or surveys can be very useful to find out some critical information about your followers. This is an excellent way to get customer feedback as well as personal satisfaction on any subject. When you conduct the poll, make sure to ask questions related to your brand, your service, or your products.

Polls will drive traffic and engagement during the promotion period. They can act as an effective tool for gathering information about what interests users’ tastes to improve marketing strategy for any business.

That said, it’s not possible to include too many questions at once. Otherwise, people may think that you are not serious, and the feedback may be negative. Make sure to post a series of polls regularly, rather than just a ton of questions at once, to gain more engagement for your business page.

Set up Online Events

One of the most effective ways to enhance engagement on your business page is by setting up online events. Event promotion strategies are beneficial because they help engage followers with brands in their chosen field or location. Hence, the event can be organized to create awareness of different products or services.

You can even run a contest while promoting your online event. Because contests and events are both compelling ways to get more Facebook Page likes for free. So set up online events to make your Facebook business page more interactive and engaging with a proper budget to maximize success.

Add a CTA to All of Your Posts

Adding a CTA or “call-to-action” to your posts is another effective way to increase the engagement of your business page. This feature allows you to highlight a particular button to draw the attention of all followers towards that link or offer.

According to an official statement by Facebook, CTAs can help increase businesses’ overall post reach by 22%, with positive outcomes on other metrics. Therefore, adding call-to-action buttons will help you grab more attention from existing and new fans as they see what they should do next, which lead them towards either one of your website or any other place where you want them to go.

By adding CTA or call-to-action buttons, make sure that those are not intrusive so that users will not get irritated but rather redirect toward the action desired by your brand.

One thing to keep in mind: be clear about your CTA – don’t try to cram too much into it. ONE specific request for the viewer’s/reader’s action will give you more engagement than two CTAs that aren’t clear and end up confusing your audience. In other words: if you try to catch two rabbits at once, you’ll catch none.

Use Ad Targeting Tools

Using Facebook Custom Audience Technology is another way to increase the engagement of your business page. This feature lets you promote your business page on the social network by creating a custom audience list from people who have previously visited your website or app.

Furthermore, you can create a lookalike audience for all users who have liked your Facebook page to increase engagement with more fans.

Use Posts Feed Optimization

When using the post feed optimization (PFO) feature for business pages, it’s vital to understand that each time a user likes or comments on any specific post on your Facebook page, this event is recorded and stored by Facebook.

You can use PFO to view additional statistics related to any specific post to improve performance in future posts. Moreover, Facebook provides a very effective way to use PFO to increase engagement on your business page. Ensure to use this feature effectively for increasing your fans and likes of your business page.

So please pay close attention while managing PFO because it’s impossible to change those data after they are stored at the database level. This is one of the advanced Facebook marketing strategies that most marketers are not using.

Don’t Forget About Mobile Devices

Facebook has 98% of its users accessing the website with a mobile device. It means that 8 out of 10 people visiting Facebook also check business pages from their smartphones or tablets. Hence, the number of users is rising exponentially every passing year as more and more people are getting connected by using different mobile devices.

It’s mandatory to optimize your business page for mobile users because most of them are likely to buy products, visit a specific website, or leave comments on any post.

According to official statistics provided by Facebook, posts with images and video ads receive 2x more engagement than the other post type. Also, humans pay close attention to visuals while interacting with brands. Therefore, it’s always recommended to use pictures related content when sharing anything about your brand or product/services on Facebook.

Moreover, it will help you increase the likes of your business page because most often, people like something that they see visually compared to text-based content. Therefore, ensure to utilize Facebook marketing strategy for specific mobile platforms such as Android and iOS to increase engagement on your business page.

Use Facebook Pixel Technology

The Facebook Pixel is a code that you can add to your website or app to track users’ behavior and then display targeted ads through your Facebook business page. It helps you build custom audiences for retargeting those who have already visited your website previously.

As a social media marketer, it’s vital to understand how Facebook Pixel technology can measure customer behavior on your business page. Also, you can retarget those who have already visited your website previously to increase the likes and engagement of your brand.

It is one of the best Facebook marketing strategies you are likely to use to grow your business and increase sales and revenues.

Remember that not all traffic will result in a sale, but those who visit more than once also respond effectively. Hence it’s always recommended to track customer behavior on your business page by using Facebook pixel technology for retargeting purposes. Visit to learn more about the Facebook Pixel and how to add it to your website.

Are you looking for a bonus idea? We have two – please read below for two more advanced Facebook marketing strategies.

Use Facebook Live Streaming

Using Facebook live streaming is one of the best and effective ways to market your business. So make sure to go live on Facebook at least twice a month to reach thousands of people who like your pages or already follow you through their accounts.

Also, ensure to include eye-catching video images of your products and services along with informative content so that the audience likes your post after watching it live on Facebook.

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It’s crucial to create value-added content while engaging with the target audience during live stream videos. Please pick up a video where you and your team actively respond to comments or questions coming from viewers, which help them understand the nature of products or services you are putting on the market.

Don’t forget to share the live streaming link with your audience through email or text messages to maximize the number of people joining this event on your business page. That said, be patient when engaging with potential customers because viral marketing strategies need time before showing positive results.

Include Facebook Messenger in your Marketing Strategy

Facebook also allows you to include Facebook Messenger in your marketing strategy. The significant advantage of chat is that it will enable you to send messages and texts directly to the audience with just one click without searching or clicking on their Facebook profiles.

This is important for marketers because it offers them the easiest way to make direct contact with customers who are either already interested in their products or services or don’t know what they need from a brand’s standpoint.

You can initiate live chats whenever there is an opportunity on your business page and send bulk SMS to people who have subscribed through email registration pages on the website. This will help increase sales, build up trust and reputation among the potential target audience, and eventually bring more customers to your business.


The above Facebook marketing tips will help you a lot to increase engagement on your business page and increase sales and revenue for your brand. So don’t forget to try out these advanced strategies for better and effective results in the near future, and let us know how it goes or if you need help.

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