Three Stats Marketers Need to Know When Thinking About Smartphones [Infographic]

December 8, 2014

Recently we created an infographic demonstrating the role smartphones have played in transforming retail. We’ll include the infographic below, but we wanted to highlight three stats that matter for all marketers—not just those with a stake in retail—for you to consider when you’re thinking about mobile marketing.

30 Billion Inbound Sales Calls Were Made from Mobile Search in the US in 2013

…and 73 billion are expected in 2018. This means that the idea of smartphones as merely a handheld web browser and nothing more is fading out. You can’t argue with numbers like those, after all: consumers are using their phones for the email, social media, and all other things Internet…but they’re also using them as phones.

70% of Mobile Searchers Have Clicked The “Call” Button in Search Results

This is according to Google, ladies and gentlemen, and it should tell you one simple thing: when it comes to customers using their phones to track down businesses, they generally don’t want to convert online. They want to convert in the way that is natural for someone using a smartphone: they want to call.

61% of Customers Believe It’s Important That Businesses Give Them a Phone Number to Call

In fact, 33% of customers would be less likely to use and refer brands that don’t provide a phone number. The truth is, a phone number says you’re trustworthy. If you’re not willing to talk to your customers…why would they do business with you?

You can see the full infographic below, and if you want to learn more about strategies for marketing to smartphone users, you can download this white paper, Marketing to Smartphone Users: New Mobile Strategies for Driving Sales Calls.

Three Stats Marketers Need to Know When Thinking About Smartphones [Infographic] image Mobile Impact.png

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