The Right Sales Messaging Templates Will Boost Your Sales Team’s Connect Rate

by Megan Tonzi June 24, 2016
June 24, 2016

It has been a time of information overload for many and much of that overload includes a large number of poorly-written emails. I can’t even count how many emails I receive on a daily basis, let alone the ones that are sales-based and far from customized. Communication skills, relevance, and understanding context are key components of being successful in sales. However, it’s eye-opening as to how few people try to strengthen their communication skills and messaging. Crafting relevant, timely, and personalized messaging is a crucial skill in creating a successful prospecting program. Whether you’re on the phone having sales conversations, sending emails to try and get prospects on the phone, or for your personal brand as a sales and marketing professional – messaging matters!

Finding the Optimal Mix of Messaging Channels

Understanding how best to prospect using phone, email, and social together with an optimal cadence is important, but it’s just as important to have clear, personalized, and meaningful messaging to drive your efforts forward.

Relevancy and Testing are Key

When you’re hoping to communicate with someone, you’re looking to have an interactive conversation and that won’t happen if your messaging isn’t spot on within your emails and in your voicemails. I could receive communication in my preferred format – say email – at an appropriate time during which I would open and read it – say around 7am. However, if it’s a poorly written or irrelevant email, then it’s not going to be a very fruitful attempt for the sender to get in touch with me because I just deleted it.

As of June 2, 2016, MailChimp is noting that companies in the software and app industry are experiencing only a 2.36% click through rate on the emails they send. If you’re solely relying on email to prospect, then that’s a harsh number to choke down and further presses the need to test and optimize your messaging and email strategies.

P.S. If you’re using the word alligator in your email or voicemails, asking me for a “quick 10 minute phone call” in the first or second sentence, or tell me a major responsibility of mine must not matter to me because I haven’t responded to a poorly-written email – take your fingers off the keyboard before sending another email and take a look at these guides!

The Right Sales Messaging Templates Will Boost Your Sales Team’s Connect Rate

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