The Biggest Reason Why Your Website Is Not Attracting Your Ideal Client

  • February 24, 2016

    Do you know what is the #1 requested headline I am asked to add to a website’s home page?

    I get this request so often, and see it even more often, that I am compelled to write about it in hopes to share just how critical that main headline is.

    It could make or break the effectiveness of your website.

    Firstly, it’s important to keep in mind that your website is your primary marketing platform above anything else you have in place to promote your business. It’s above social media, your newsletters, the sales funnels you have in place, and even your networking efforts.

    Even if you rarely update it, which is an absolute must as well, it’s tirelessly working on your behalf by telling everyone that visits it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all about your business.

    Why is this so important? Many times, it’s the first impression your potential clients will get of you and your business.

    This cannot be taken lightly in this highly competitive online world we live in. Even if you believe your website is quite useless and you hardly pay any attention to it, heaven forbid, the truth is your business success could hinge on how your website appeals to your ideal target market.

    When a prospect visits your website, their primary objective is to find out if you can solve their problem.

    If they didn’t have a problem to solve, they wouldn’t be looking for you or your services.

    Their problem could be something like needing to sell their home fast, or needing to find peace in their relationship, or perhaps they are looking for a solution to make them healthy again.

    Whatever that problem is, they need to know right off the bat if you can help solve it for them.

    You have literally 3 seconds to convey that message to your website visitors. The primary way it is going to happen is through your main headline.

    What do you think? Is the following headline going to convince anyone that their problem will be solved?

    “Welcome to my website”


    At best, it’s going to give them the impression you’re a friendly person. At worst, it’s going to tell them you’re only interested in what you have to say, that your website is going to be all about you.

    Making their big question, “What’s in it for me?” remain a mystery.

    So guess what happens? Neither scenario is going to grab their attention enough to make them go any further past that opening statement.

    And this is the most common headline I see and am requested to add to a website.

    Sure. you can have fabulous branding and the most well-written, compelling copy underneath that headline, but the initial opportunity to capture the interest of that visitor is lost.

    Faster than you can say “back button,” they have moved on, resuming their search to find someone that will solve their problem.

    So I encourage you to take a look at your website and ask yourself if your primary home page headline is grabbing enough attention to make your prospective clients read further.

    Ask yourself if it is addressing their problem, telling them you know exactly what they are going through?

    If you are one of those, “Welcome to my Website” headline writers, I encourage you to take a critical look at how effective it is being and really give some thought to what problems you are solving for your clients.

    Write a list of not only the actual problems your ideal clients face but also what they THINK their problem is, and from there decide what is the biggest / most common problem you come across.

    Next, compose a compelling headline that will get your prospective clients to read more to convince them that you are their ideal choice.

    If this feels like a daunting task, some of your best spent money would be on a professional copywriter to help you with this so you can start attracting your ideal clients instead of losing them to your competitor.

    The success of your business could truly depend on it.

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