Technology Has Changed. Why Hasn’t Customer Service?

April 25, 2015

Ever heard the phrase ‘Get with the times’?

Often used among the younger generation when describing people that aren’t on trend or up to date, this phrase isn’t too distinct from the world of customer service, because as technology has evolved it would seem that most aspects of customer service haven’t.

From booking a train and ordering a taxi through to paying a bill or booking a holiday – all can be done at the click of a button or touch of a screen, whether mobile, tablet or desktop – so why, many may ask, are other aspects of customer service or support not as instant?

In the fast-paced digital age that many have become so used to, the on demand nature we all have some contact with is becoming anticipated more and more when we communicate with customers.

And what’s to hold your business back?

It is estimated that by 2020 the experience of the customer will bypass pricing and product variations as a key brand differentiator (Customers 2020 Report) – so is your customer service up to scratch?

Emails, telephone calls and direct mail shots are all considered part and parcel of the usual customer experience that they have come to expect, but these can be costly with time, manpower and money and can lead to unwanted frustrations for both the client and company.

Low open rates, lost post, noise congestion, long waiting times and disrupted connections, can all cause pricey downtime – is this where SMS could be the answer?

SMS is a simple solution to simple queries and for 45% of companies who opted for mobile or web support and customer service in 2014, they couldn’t agree more after seeing an increase in traffic and high reduction in telephone inquiries. (Salesforce)

Instantaneous, convenient customer contact that is short, sweet and to the point – SMS is the new customer service channel and opens up doors for customers to:

  • Ask a question
  • Request a call back
  • Give feedback on services or products
  • Check their order status
  • Find a store location
  • Reset lost account details
  • Schedule appointments
  • Update payment details, check balances
  • Make reservations
  • Check stock availability
  • Opt in to club loyalty rewards and offers

It is estimated that 64% of consumers with a smartphone prefer text messaging over voice as a customer service channel, Anything to do with the frustration of hearing ‘please hold, your call is important to us’ on repeat countless times while waiting?

Opting for SMS is also 77% more likely to have a positive effect on the perception of a company due to its open platform of personal communication and approachability. This personalisation is important to most customers, with 38% believing that this personalisation is what makes a better customer experience. (One Reach)

More people than ever now own a mobile as subscriptions to phone contracts increase and landlines reduce – the likelihood that your customer carries a mobile device with them is high, 91% of people carry their phone with them 24/7 (Nielson).

If 81% of people are already frustrated being tied up with lengthy telephone calls or long-winded computer communications for support or assistance then who’s to say your company isn’t one of them?

Get personal with SMS and turn those negative experiences into a more positive customer encounter.

The figures speak for themselves…

Do you know what type of service your customers want?

Infographic source: Text Marketer Ltd

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