Easy and Beneficial Social Media Hacks to Route Organic Traffic to Websites

— December 1, 2016

“He is kind of going nuts. Quit his six figure salary job and wants to start a new on line business himself.”

When someone says this to you, what comes to your mind first? How will he manage funds? How will he build his website? Will he hit success immediately? So many questions but no logical answers. Isn’t it?

When someone is establishing an online business, he has to plan how to promote it and create it into a hit brand. There are many quick ways of increasing the hit rate of the website. While some try the unethical means of acquiring maximum conversion rates, it is always a correct practice to route traffic in the organic way. Agreed! It is the most difficult task, but there are hacks that will make your route easy and help you to get higher traffic within your budget. The best part of these hacks is that they do not require you to put extra effort in refurbishing your website. A little tweak here and there will work wonders in increasing the rank for your website.

So are you ready for the ride?

Simple SNS Hacks

Hub Spot in one of its posts had mentioned they reuse old famous blog posts time and again, to create nostalgic moments for audience and get them hit the website to see what’s new! In-fact Facebook follows similar strategies to keep their audience hooked to their website by citing them their old memories, their preferred videos etc. For example, Facebook captures data about people to whom you send Friend requests, whose post you like etc. and scheduling those invites or event reminders for liking fan pages that you have created or subscribed for. Wondering how these simple FB hack works? Simple math! These ways of reintroducing old contents for loyal audience creates a lot of reshares, and retweet their favorite content to their circle of friends and this link could just go on there by organically increasing the traffic.

Re-Use is the mantra

If the statistics is collected on how the keyword based ranking has improved with this repost technique, it might look magical as well. Thus for blog and content management websites along with keyword planning , finding the under-performing content, identifying what is wrong with the content and reposting them with new punch lines and new improved titles might help you to create more organic traffic for the website. Also you can use tools like Google Plus to promote your content in relevant communities with right hashtags and unique descriptions. This thing will not be only beneficial in SEO, primarily does help you to bring traffic from Google Plus. So, in a nutshell here is what you can do:

  • add infographics
  • add interesting videos
  • add catchy punch lines
  • change the date of publication and make the post look brand new
  • add call to action statements
  • use trending hash tags

These are quite useful and simple techniques that will help you to gather potential leads and convert them into organic traffic by routing them towards your website. So! Next time you hear about new website, organic traffic, landing page, conversion rates etc. you might as well remember these techniques and help your friend, who is trying to find a foothold in the highly competitive digital market in current times.

Go for sponsored products

Well, if the above strategy works wonders for blogs, the e-commerce sites work on a different logic. Sellers like Amazon like to include better selling and branded products on the beginning of the search list to catch the attention of the viewer’s just after they log into the site. In simple terms, when the sales of a product increase, its placement comes higher in the Amazon website. Some brand, sponsors the site for placing their product on the top of search listing so that they can attract more customers. Thus e-commerce sites use their client’s popularity to gain more organic traffic. They bid on the keywords among their clients and whoever chose the highest bid will get the top slot in product listing. The brand takes this as a responsibility to promote their product sales by releasing aggressive campaigns on social media that indirectly generates more clicks for Amazon and improves its organic traffic.

Also in such campaigns using keywords’ planner to get the targeted keywords, and writing detailed informative pages help to keep audience’s attention intact. If yours is an e-Commerce site and one of your primary categories are ‘Sunglasses’ or ‘Hats’ or ‘Women Jeans and Men Jeans’ – make sure you do write detailed content about respective category at bottom of the page. Look at the examples of the same in renowned portals like Amazon, Flipkart etc. where every product gets a detailing that clarifies the audience’s queries related to the product make, quality, size and several other aspects. Summarizing the efforts, the following steps can increase organic traffic in your e-commerce sites:

  • Extensive social media promotions
  • Creating attractive landing pages
  • Keyword based sponsored promotions from sellers
  • Product description in attractive words

Writing Content to promote products

Organic traffic based online ranking is very important for websites as higher the rank, the website receives higher commission from their sponsors. For example the renowned Makemytrip website announces amazing deals and discounts for their customers through crazy advertisements on social media that drives the online traffic towards the website. Statistics have been collected before and after improvising the website’s online traffic by advertising and it has been proven that nearly 20 percent of organic traffic has been increased from these social media promotions. Among the promotional techniques, writing blogs with unique and informative content is widely popular these days. For example, whether it is a travel website or an e-commerce site, a blog on popular local market fashion with keywords targeted at local searches helps to get better rank in popular search engines.

Let suppose, you are fashion products’ portal and your target audience currently searching for ‘winter clothes in Santa Cruz’. Now to come in their searches you have to write the content around specific market and current fashion clothes which are available at your online store in better rates. All fashion sellers need to do is to work on these blogs by adding attractive and intriguing title, a call to action statement and a nice picture or video in the advertisement and schedule post the same. Your content must be generic but should speak more about products that are exclusively available in the store that you are promoting with the right keywords. With good content targeted towards local market, backlinks and internal links you will not only get huge traffic but can get Google rank fast.

These are some techniques by which trade websites can improve their organic traffic and also their organic sales. Some of these techniques are very simple and require very less tweaking effort from the website designers but can yield the maximum rate of return. Social media has always been the backing force that routes organic traffic to websites and will continue to be the backbone for online business growth!

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