Social Media: The Most Acclaimed Forum of Global Communication

by Leonid Singha February 17, 2016
February 17, 2016

Scope and Concept

Social media is the collective term used for online communications networks devoted to civic groups oriented input, dealings, feedback content distribution, partnership and teamwork. The globally accepted and well acclaimed term is used to designate a plethora of Web-based boards, presentations and know-hows that empower individuals to informally and socially communicate with others live and at real time. Some popular examples of social media sites and applications include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Digg, blogs etc.

Since 2006; social media has started growing gradually and steadily especially Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. These networking sites have attracted millions of users globally in a short span of time. Social media though is extremely popular nowadays has its own share of plusses and drawbacks. Here is the list of possible advantages and disadvantages of social media. Read on.


Getting Connected Worldwide

No matter if one is looking for earlier college friend, the first grade educator, or an international acquaintance, there is no simpler or faster channel to make a linking than through the social network. Along with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace: which are the most acclaimed social networking forums, there are many new social platforms coming up recurrently which are committed in setting up connection worldwide. Through such sites, people make brand new connections; both informal and business related. Social media networking enables;

  • Development of new or lost connections
  • Job search globally
  • Locating support
  • Offering product and service recommendations
  • Reception of sustenance from individuals from different corners of the world
  • Knowing feedback, input, thought, beliefs and ideas of world communities on latest news, world affairs and social issues.

Interacting with Birds of Same Feather

When someone pick to contribute in a social linkage community, one can select and interact with those people whose likes and dislikes; tastes and preferences are alike and develop the strong linkage around those harmonies. Depending on the personal taste and liking; one can be a part of any community-based group. Such as if someone is a bookworm; he or she can get connected to many book lovers around the World, share opinion, feedback and thoughts.

Real-Time Sharing

Various social networking forums are endowed with features like instant messaging, which refers to sharing of information in real-time through chatting. This feature is really helpful in learning and development and research and development.

Effective and Free Advertising

Social media forums are the best and most effective options for publicity and promotion of products, services and new business ventures. This is fastest promotional channel and that too free!


The most serious drawbacks of social media are;

  • Face to face interactions are threatened as most of the individuals now prefer and go for real time chatting and interaction.
  • One needs to be committed, up and alert always in order to accomplish the social media existence. There should be provisions of immediate responses to the feedback and comments given by viewers and users present worldwide.
  • In social media advertising; it is quite challenging to quantify and measure the return on investment.
  • There is a constant fear of fake profiles, fraud individuals and identity theft. There is no such definite method to check the authenticity of the profile user.
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