Semrush Launches Podcast Hosting App With SEO Tools

Semrush Launches Podcast Hosting App With SEO Tools

by  @lauriesullivan, August 23, 2023

Semrush Launches Podcast Hosting App With SEO Tools

Disctopia, a podcast hosting and music streaming service, announced Wednesday a partnership with Semrush, which focuses on SEO tools and service, that will enable podcasters to expand the reach of episodes with search engine optimization (SEO).

The Podcast Hosting App features keyword extraction from audio transcriptions made accessible directly from the Semrush platform. 

This allows SEO professionals to align podcast keywords directly to the keyword campaigns in Semrush. The goal, of course, is to rank higher in web searches.

Patrick Hill, founder and CEO at Disctopia, says Semrush reached out to the company in March, and the two have been working on the project since April. The idea is to expand the audio format and raise awareness of the content in search engines like Google Search and Microsoft Bing.

Some 53% of website traffic comes from organic searches. This makes SEO an essential part of any marketing strategy, including audio content, according to a BrightEdge study.

Disctopia’s TruePlay AI automated audio transcription services allow podcasters to edit text for accuracy to improve their episodes’ accessibility. It uses artificial intelligence to transcribe, identify and extract the keywords. The tool also identifies recurring themes or topics that are frequently mentioned in the episode. This helps creators gain insights into the content of the episode and better understand their audience’s interests.

The Podcast App becomes part of Semrush’s App Center, which showcases the best marketing tools to the SEO platform’s thousands of users.

Users will gain direct access to all of the podcast hosting features within the App Center without leaving the Semrush interface for a smooth, integrated experience.

Disctopia will continue to sell hosting services on its platform, but the app has been developed in collaboration with Semrush. “The hosting plan through Disctopia comes with more features, but is not geared toward transcription services,” Hill said.

More than 400 podcasters have integrated with the new app, but people have been using Disctopia podcasting hosting service for more than three years, he said.

Reporting is also available.

This integration furthers Disctopia’s mission to equip independent podcasters with the tools to grow their listener base on the Podcast Hosting app.

The feature – designed and developed with podcast hosting service Disctopia – enables keyword extraction from audio transcriptions to help podcasters edit content and improve rankings in web searches.