Learn How to Job Search Faster in 2016

by Beata Staszkow February 17, 2016
February 17, 2016

The end of the year is a good time to reflect on our lives and careers. Various surveys have highlighted that we are unhappy in our roles and that many of us are considering a change. The reasons are many from disliking people and the company we work for, to feeling unchallenged in our current position. Once you have decided to make a change, it is important to be well prepared for this move.

Time is a big factor in finding a new job. Many career experts believe that for every £10,000 of salary you want, it will take one month to find a position. So if you wanted a salary of £60,000 you can expect a six-month job search slog.

The idea behind this post is to provide information on finding a new role.

Devote Time

To find a new role you will have to devote your time. This means that you have to ensure your CV is sharp and your social media is both cleaned up, and prominent. Writing a CV is a difficult process. It should ideally focus on your achievements and experience, but many make the mistake of not showcasing their soft skills. How many hiring managers would turn down a candidate who met the requirements of the job and can demonstrate they are a good team player? Not many.

Nonetheless, to ensure your CV and LinkedIn profile are ready to showcase you in a good light, you have to put the hours in to make this happen. Alternatively, you can use a career coach who can critically assess your current CV and Linkedin profile and help you make it more impactful. We have a dedicated service that ensures these two elements are working well. Click here to get job search ready.

Social Media

Having a social media presence is important especially a good and active LinkedIn profile. That said Twitter and Facebook are not a bad idea either. Headhunters, recruiters, and indeed a hiring manager will all look at your LinkedIn profile at the very least to see what you bring to the table.

That said it is important that your social media such as Facebook and Twitter are squeaky clean. Take some time to go through your posts and clean them up. Anything that could be considered derogatory should be removed. You may want to adjust your privacy settings as well. If you have not a strong social media, book a meeting with one of our consultants and find out more.


Executive branding is the rising star in recruitment, and blogging about your achievements and skills together with your views on your industry will no doubt speed up your job search. Not everything can be written in your CV and Linkedin profile, therefore, your blog will demonstrate how you have solved the company’s problems and added value. James Caan said he is impressed when potential new hires show him their blog, and if it impresses him it will impress hiring managers all around the world.

Leverage your Network of Contacts

Using your online and offline contacts try and ascertain if there are any positions available. Through selectively putting the word out, you may find that you could be a good fit for a role and this can greatly speed up the job hunting process. Companies try to fill roles using their own staff referrals; they turn to external recruiters only if there is no other way to find a candidate.

The secret to job hunting is persistence, but having these aspects in place will only help your efforts and not hinder.

To accelerate your job search, schedule your consultation with us today. Our career coaches have years of experience in finding new roles for executives and you could soon find your prospects, your earning potential, and your life improved. Click here.

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