Social Analytics Platform Zoomph Can Now Help Brands Track Emojis

New feature — the first of its kind, the company says — gives social marketers the info they need to respond to specific emojis in posts about their brands.

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Sure, emojis are everywhere. But, brands want to know, exactly which ones are being used to talk about us?

To answer that question, social analytics platform Zoomph is today announcing an Emojis Report feature, which they say is the first of its kind.

It allows a brand to find all the emojis associated with an instance of its name, which can be shown as an emoji cloud (see image at top of this page). The idea is that emojis, being visual shorthand, convey the emotions and values that users assign to that topic or brand.

Zoomph’s tool can also find the emojis being posted from a given geolocation, like a concert, can report available user demographics, like gender or ethnicity, or can show which emojis are most popular on given social channels.

Previously, chief strategy officer Amir Zonozi told me, brands could search for the most-used emojis in aggregate, but not for a specific brand’s.

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In case you think emojis are just expressive frills, a recent report by sentiment analysis platform Emogi found that 92 percent of the online population uses emojis. Only eight percent never do.

Zonozi said that the emojis are detected by tracking their accompanying alphanumeric Unicode, which then corresponds to a given image. While there is a set of widely used emojis, there are also differences by platform.

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