5 Tips for Creating Link-Worthy Content

Building backlinks to boost traffic to your website and increase your search engine ranking can take time. It often involves reaching out to websites and asking them to link to you, which can be frustrating.

Luckily, instead of searching for opportunities and asking for links, you can create link-worthy content and links will be given to you by credible and high authority websites. So, how do you create content that’s so engaging and useful that other sites will be rushing to link to it?

Check out these 5 tips for creating link-worthy content.

1. Create detailed guides and tutorials.

Detailed, step-by-step guides and tutorials are the most valuable type of content you can create. Guides and tutorials give readers and searchers everything they need to know about a particular topic, so they remain helpful and relevant for a long time.

And other bloggers can link to your guides or tutorials when they want to make their content more comprehensive or explain a concept to their readers without going into too much detail themselves. For instance, if you write a guide to email marketing, another blogger that’s giving a few quick tips can include a link to your post to provide their readers with additional information.

According to a study by HubSpot, articles with a word count over 2500 earn the most links.

5 Tips for Creating Link-Worthy Content

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So, get writing! Creating in-depth, detailed, and actionable guides is one of the best ways you can earn more natural backlinks.

2. Use original data.

Another way you can create link-worthy content is by using original data. Marketers and bloggers are always looking for research to boost their articles and backup their claims. So, if you use original research and data in your content, you can earn a ton of links. But, how do you come up with your own original data?

One of the easiest ways is to survey your customers or your readers. You can easily add a survey to your website to collect insights from your audience. For example, you can ask your audience what social media platforms they like to use the most. Then, marketers and bloggers who are writing a post about social media can include your findings and link to you.

3. Add visual content.

If you want to create more link-worthy content, you need to add more visuals to it. Visual content will help make your content more engaging to readers and help you get more backlinks as well.

But, you can’t just use generic stock images and expect to get more backlinks. You need to add valuable visual content that other sources can use in their own content. For example, an infographic that compiles information or data in a visually-interesting way is more linkable than a generic image.

The infographic below has 656 current links to it from other sites.

5 Tips for Creating Link-Worthy Content

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You can easily create your own infographic using a free tool like Canva or Visme. Aside from infographics, you can also create valuable, original visual content like graphs, charts, videos, and more.

4. Offer resources and online tools.

Offering helpful resources and online tools is also a great way to create more link-worthy content.

For example, IsItWP created this useful, free headline analyzer tool to help their target audience create clickable headlines. A tool like this can also be linked to by other sources that are offering tips on how to create better headlines.

5 Tips for Creating Link-Worthy Content

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Online tools like headline analyzers and calculators take a bit more time and effort to create, so consider creating something easier but still valuable like a list of helpful tools and resources. For instance, you can create a blog post about the best WordPress plugins and tools to add social proof to your site. You can then create a resources page on your website to list all of your best resources in one place so sources can easily link to you.

5. Add expert interviews and quotes.

Interviews and quotes from experts in your industry will make your content more credible, which will make it more linkable too. So, add expert interviews and quotes to your content.

For instance, an expert roundup post brings together tips from a number of experts on a particular topic. The roundup post below showcases 7 experts and their thoughts on Facebook Groups.

5 Tips for Creating Link-Worthy Content

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Not sure how to connect with industry experts? Try creating a free HARO account. HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is an online platform where journalists can get feedback from industry experts to use in their articles.

Over to you.

While creating link-worthy content can be time-consuming, the rewards will be worth it. Once your link-worthy content is created and published, credible and high authority sites will link to your content again and again —which means more website traffic and better SEO rankings for you.

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