Smartphones Influence Buying Decisions, More than You Ever Thought

August 8, 2015

The latest statistics show that smartphone plays a very important role when it comes to making buying decisions.

Just what is the extent of smartphones’ influence in e-commerce? Let us look at the latest infographic by invesp on how smartphones influence shopping behavior.

Consulting Mobile Commerce Survey released interesting findings showing that more than 80% of smartphone and tablet owners use their smartphones to make a purchase decision.

How smartphones Influence Shopping Behavior

Did you know that 15.4% of total digital ad spend went to mobile advertising? A 2015 study by eMarketer into mobile ad budgets shows that global mobile ad spends will increase from $ 28 billion in 2015 to $ 40.5 billion in 2016. This is because almost half of all web traffic in the United States comes through mobile devices and the trend is expected to grow by at least 40% year over year.

In-store product research

The infographic also shows that 55% of in-store shoppers have used their smartphones to make a buying decision. A point of note to the marketers is that 71% of all shoppers use their smartphones to conduct in-store research of products with a majority of them aged between 30-44 years (72%) followed by the 18-29 age bracket (65%).

The following are the top retail shopping activities used by smartphone users while doing product research:

  • Finding contact information—43.3%
  • Finding the location of the store—23.3%
  • Purchasing goods or searvices—22.6%
  • Comparing product prices—20.2%
  • Researching product features—19.7%
  • Making shopping lists—18%
  • Checking product availability—17.6%

Others are

  • Finding coupons and deals
  • Using mobile payments as in point of sale and
  • Group shopping

According to the statistics, 60% of mobile shoppers bought electronics, 55% bought groceries and 47% apparel. other top products include shoes and health products which were bout by 45% and 39% respectively.

Shoppers think information gathered via smartphones is more beneficial

62% of shoppers say that the information they gather through their smartphones is more beneficial than the information displayed in-store through product displays or brochures.

Smartphone Vs Tablets

The other take-home point from the infographic is that the average order value from by smartphone and tablet users are $ 92. 37 and $ 98.56 respectively. Smartphone accounts for 33.7% while tablets account for 12.4% of total online traffic.

It is now no longer a question of asking whether smartphones and tablets play any role in e-commerce, because clearly they do. It is now a matter of using the statistics and trends to better lay our marketing strategies.

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