One Simple Landing Page Tip That Boosts Conversions

  • December 9, 2014


    To generate new leads with your content marketing, you can do one of two things: hope someone finds your content, or take steps to introduce them to it. A lot of people prefer the latter, because advertising your content can be incredibly effective.

    How you do that—it could be paid search, email newsletter sponsorships, display advertising, promoted posts on social—is up to you (and there are merits to each), but what that experience looks and feels like could be the difference between pulling in a bunch of fresh leads and doing a so-so job with the budget that’s allocated for the project.

    Though many marketers have studied key attributes of a high-converting landing page, few have pointed out the one simple trick that pushes your performance even further:

    Use a hero image that mimics the creative in the promotion.

    If you think it sounds overly simple, it is.

    But take some time to click through all the content marketing promotions you see and you’ll realize that many marketers are overlooking this simple tactic.

    That’s a real loss.

    In our experience, simply including a hero image that mimics the promotional offer can increase conversions by up to 100%. It’s not always such a large impact, of course, but the difference is always positive. In other words, it has never negatively impacted a landing page’s performance.

    If you stop to think, it makes sense: You’ve captured someone’s attention with a strong call-to-action and a compelling offer (not an easy task, by the way). Make sure to do everything you can to carry over whatever it is that caught that person’s attention. And with the human brain processing visual content 60,000 times faster than text, it’s a good bet that visual elements are the motivator.

    The obvious benefit of a higher converting landing page is that is you end up with more leads. That should be enough to convince you to give this tip a try. But a second benefit is equally as important, especially when using a paid tactic: you’re bringing down your cost per lead.

    (The best landing pages, by the way, can ignore this advice, because they all have something in common: Completely unique offers that no one else has promoted to the public. That’s something we should all strive to do, but that’s another topic for another day…)

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