Not on Social Media? You’re Missing Out

One BDR vendor points out the importance of MSPs leveraging social media tools

Social media marketing normally isn’t a topic of discussion at MSPmentor — but maybe it should be. Here’s what MSPs should be doing.

Do you engage with customers on social media? If so, do you look it as a chore or an opportunity?

Social media marketing hasn’t been a popular topic of discussion on MSPmentor, but that doesn’t mean it should be avoided or ignored.

Social media is no longer only for the young — the elderly have been joining in on the fun, too. In fact, some of them have even hired social networking coaches to assist with social media account creation and staying in touch with relatives through several social networks.

“For the MSP owner it serves as a way to track business and channel news, as well as provide a platform for thought leadership,” Datto PR Manager Camille Currie says in a blog posted on Monday.

With social media users increasing over the years, it would be silly (yes, silly) for managed services providers (MSPs) to ignore another way to communicate with customers and potential customers. Opportunities on social media for MSPs are endless.

In Currie’s blog post, she points out four ways an MSP can increase and expand its influence through social media: identify, invest, interact and inspire.

Identify — She suggests that MSPs commit and focus on a few platforms — start small. Find out which platforms work best for you and go from there. Expand when you’re ready.

Invest — Social media is an investment in time and customers. Currie explains that MSPs should find out where customers are and flock there. Learn to follow leaders in the communities, including bloggers (like all of us on MSPmentor).

Interact — “So once you identify and invest, it’s time to interact,” she points out. “You heard it right, start talking.” Creating accounts do not build a social media presence. Interact and respond to customers.

Inspire — Have a reason for posting something on your social media accounts. Isn’t every piece of marketing material looked at before it goes out? “Just don’t be another vendor spamming timelines with random posts,” she says. “Let your content inspire others to share and comment.”

If you follow the tips above, not only will you gain a “wider network of contacts, but the leads will now come to you, and closing the deal will get that much easier,” she says.

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