Get Past That Gatekeeper Tith These Easy Strategies

by Barbara McKinney November 24, 2015
November 24, 2015

Get Past that Gatekeeper with these Easy Strategies

As telemarketers, we can all agree that contacting a decision maker is not always an easy task. First of all, there’s the problem of determining the topics you want to talk about.

And then there are gatekeepers.

But if you think gatekeepers are annoying, then you might want to reevaluate your current career choice because basically, you can’t do much about them.

Your prospects need the proper defenses to block irrelevant messages. They need trained receptionists, assistants and secretaries to filter which calls to take and to dump. You just can’t blame them because these people are an indispensable investment.

There’s really no point in arguing with gatekeepers, though there are better ways you can do to bypass them.

In a LinkedIn post, marketing professional Jay Powell has listed some tips on how you can appropriately face gatekeepers.

Sound authoritative.

  • Keep control of the conversation.
  • Don’t give any information unless you absolutely have to.
  • Only engage if you sense the other techniques have failed or you know the decision maker is constantly out of the office.
  • Recognise that the gatekeeper has the power to block you but not to hire you.

What Powell emphasizes is the need to befriend gatekeepers. Rather than see them as hindrances, it is essential for telemarketers to invite gatekeepers into the conversation. First impressions are always the most critical, and you can’t achieve a solid image for your company if you keep on insisting that your call be relayed.

But if you do encounter veteran gatekeepers (you know, the ones who seem to have experienced taking cold calls from hell), you might as well try a more radical approach.

  • Make the conversation spontaneous.

Your script is good only in introductory phase. Beyond that, you’re a free bird at the mercy of a chaotic storm. Rely on your guts, experience and competence. A natural disposition never fails when you’re confronting a gatekeeper.

  • Make sure you have the right info.

Before you start taking on the gatekeeper, ask if you are calling the right number. Most cold calls get rejected because of poor prospecting.

  • Take your time.

Emotions run wild, especially if the gatekeeper proves to be a tough boulder to roll. Rushing things is never good to the shoulders as it is to the mouth in lead generation telemarketing. Take things easy. Cooperate with the person, and he’ll budge to make way to the prospect.


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