7 Foundational Types of Video That Will Drive Revenue in 2020

Industries across the board are turning to predictive big data analysis to develop strategies, improve processes, and in turn, help drive sales for their company. When it comes to developing marketing campaigns, those initiatives have traditionally been driven by feeling and emotion.

For 5 years, Chamber Media has spent millions on social ads across hundreds of accounts, from industries ranging from health and wellness to eyewear, to DIY installation products. By using this collective ad data, we have developed a program coined the Quantitative Creative, where we optimize current and new campaigns based on continuous testing and improvement. This has resulted in the seven foundational types of videos that prove to be most profitable.

Breaking it down even further, these video funnels show improvement in the metric areas of click-through rates, landing page views, adds to card, purchase, and cost per click. These aren’t’ speculations; these are the seven different types of foundational video that, if executed correctly, will generate revenue for your business in 2020.

1: Spokesperson/Anchor

A spokesperson/ anchor video is a super engaging video that features a person explaining the product and highlighting its features. These videos are great for establishing a brand voice and increasing customer loyalty. It often encompasses many types of ads, so it fatigues the slowest, which enables it to accomplish long-term growth goals. Here’s an example that demonstrates the fact that emotion and relatability make it a very shareable, while the potential spectacle gives it virality. This ad is very versatile and works with any audience.

2: Product Demo

A product video highlights product features and demonstrates the value points to the consumer. These videos are great for products and services that require a more detailed explanation. Education is key to winning consumer trust before they purchase, as shown in this example, and product demos allow the customer to learn the technical details of a product.

3. Social Proof

Opinions of a brand or product by consumers or influencers can move mountains. These opinions are leveraged to create trust between the consumer and the brand in Social Proof videos. These videos act much like a close friend would when they recommend a product they love to you, humanizing the brand and anchoring it in a community.

4: Unboxing

Unboxing ads mimic the experience a customer would have receiving and opening the product. Much like with the Social Proof ad type, Unboxing videos create desire, interest, and prestige for the product. Think about it; unwrapping your recent purchase is one of the most exciting things about receiving a new product, and Unboxing ads play on that emotion! This ad type works best in tandem with other, more informative, pieces of content.

5: Case Study

Cold, hard facts and comparisons are powerful to anyone, so the Case Study ad type is a vital part of any funnel. While other ad types play on emotion, Case Studies are impossible to argue with and are essential to the funnel of services and products that make claims.

6: Lifestyle

Showcasing products being used in everyday life, or the life the viewer aspires to have, will bring together relatability, prestige, and emotion. These videos work well both for audiences who need to see how the product would function in their life and for audiences who buy products in order to achieve a certain lifestyle.

7: Closer Ads

Closer ads resolve customer concerns and finalize the sale. Specifically, they address all of the reasons why someone wouldn’t buy the product and explains away these reasons. They’re called “Closer ads” because they’re the last piece of the funnel before the final sale; they’re the net that scoops in the remaining customers who have been holding back from purchasing for one reason or another.

We live in an age where emotion is the driving force behind buyer decisions. While creative should still be driven by intuition to a certain extent, creativity backed by patterns in historical data can help marketers create content that is both optimized for sales and visually appealing for the end consumer. Try testing out the seven videos highlighted above to expand and grow your video strategy for 2020.

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