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September 23, 2015

One of the trickiest parts of business today is figuring out your marketing strategy. A great way to set your company apart from competitors in the field is by being able to quickly adapt and capitalize on trends occurring throughout the year. The more you can show you are connected and plugged into what is going on in both social and pop culture, the better.

So how do you accomplish this without  getting lost in the shuffle of everything trending in the world? Here are a few helpful strategies to be aware of and follow.

Do Your Research

Many companies keep their eye out for trends when it comes to planning out a new marketing strategy, but not doing enough research and knowing what is really going on can be detrimental to your company in certain situations.

Many people remember the DiGiorno debacle on Twitter in 2014 which was the perfect example of not doing adequate research or checking the context of trends before jumping in on them. Before you go for your creative marketing strategy to be involved with trending topics, be sure you know exactly what you are getting into and the entire backstory if possible.

Step Up Your Social Media Presence

These days, if you are not active on social media platforms in your marketing strategy, you may as well shut down shop right then and there as you will become less relevant with today’s culture with each passing day.

With 1.19 billion active monthly Facebook users and 974 million Twitter accounts, your potential audience is incredibly deep. By utilizing these marketing tools to the best of your ability and staying updated will help you in reaching more or your target audience and potential clients and customers.

Be sure to take advantage of growing social media tools as well such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine. These visually-driven platforms are the ideal way to connect with the younger, millennial market you are likely targeting with your marketing strategy.

Capitalizing on Trending Topics

These days, the public is plugged in and more aware of everything going on in the world than ever before. With smartphones being abundant and 24-hour news and entertainment sites reigning supreme, trends can begin and end in a flash, making it essential you are equally plugged in to be able to notice a trend developing.

Is there a trending topic on Twitter you are hoping to jump in on and get some interaction going with your audience? Be sure to get creative with your post and tie it into your company in the best way possible. If a humorous trending hashtag can be combined with a product or service you offer, show off your personality and have some fun without how you market the product. If it takes off, the amount of potential customers who see it is exponential.

Memes In Marketing

One of the many unique ways to capitalize on trends in 21st-century marketing today is through the use of memes. Coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins as a “package of culture,” these photos combined with text have taken social media by storm in the last few years and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

If a certain meme is trending more than others, connecting your brand in a humorous way is a great way to connect with your audience and show you are relevant in what is going on in popular culture.

Marketing Around the Holidays

There may be no better defined time of the year for timely marketing than the holidays. Several times a year, a large holiday rolls around and automatically provides your brand with an excellent way to market your brand while celebrating the holiday with your customer.

By offering savings with holiday specials or interacting with your audience on social media and having them participate in a holiday-related contest, you can capitalize on the spirit of the season, while still promoting your brand in a successful and efficient way.

One of the biggest keys in making this strategy effective is by planning and beginning in advance of the specified holiday. If you start too close to the day of, you will be left in the dust by competitors offering similar deals.

How do you creatively market your brand? Let us know in the comments.

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