7 Cold Calling Pro Tips Small Service Businesses Should Follow

What is Cold Calling?

7 Cold Calling Pro Tips Small Service Businesses Should Follow


Cold calling is a sales outreach tactic performed by directly phoning prospect clients to build a relationship and to sell services, whether it be cleaning, repairs, or landscaping. This technique has long been favored to achieve sales rep goals. Of course, it has changed over time to improve itself from a basic exercise to the strategic task it is today.

Nowadays, cold calling software helps the process of connecting with prospective customers. The software will assist in identifying prospects and guiding the process. Regardless of the software you use, there are three basic tenets of cold calling:

  • The prospect doesn’t know you
  • They don’t expect to hear from you
  • And they may not want or have time to talk to you.

Cold calling describes the system of talking on the phone to customers to let them know that they exist and to try to gain their business. Cold calling shouldn’t be a pushy experience for the customer, it should be a positive conversation where you tell prospects what you can do for them.

Why is cold calling an important in-home service?

This can help home service businesses build their network in general and customer base in particular. It also helps in evaluating the reception of the target audience toward their brand, products, and services. For example, it can tell you how prospective clients feel about the service pricing compared to the services you provide. Cold calling offers a method of connecting with clients that is more effective than direct mail and other forms of advertising.

Cold calling allows you to go directly to your customers instead of waiting for them to come to you. Small businesses should target their calls to their immediate communities and locales. You also have more in common with your local area. This gives you the opportunity to connect with your clients on a more personal level. This has the potential to generate more sales and loyal customers.

Because you are running a smaller operation, you need a sales team that is skilled in tapping into your market. Make sure your sales team knows your service and what it can offer your clients. They should believe in the service they are selling and know the reasons why they should choose your company. This will get you ahead of competitors. Effective cold calling can even build your reputation within your community.

How to Cold Call

7 Cold Calling Pro Tips Small Service Businesses Should Follow

Every cold call should be used as a learning experience. Make sure you research and reflect at every point in the process. This will help improve your conversions and your prospect’s experience. The process begins before you even pick up the phone and use any of the potential call software.

First, you should compile a list of prospects. Use your connections and social media to continually compile a list of people who might find real value in your services. You can use public social media information, like the things they share or like publicly, or the demographic they fit into.

Even with the best sales team, you should still identify key talking points. You can even create a script. You should try to minimize awkward pauses and hesitation. Let the conversation develop naturally, but map out your introduction, positioning statement, and follow-up pitch. You should always end the call with an attempt to maintain contact. This can be a request to make a follow-up appointment or call.

After the call, make sure you encode it so you can track your results. You can do this through your customer relationship management program if you are using a CRM system for market segmentation. This way you won’t forget any details. Also, make sure that any customer data collected is protected. If needed, research the best enterprise network security products for your business.

Basic dos and don’ts.

  • Do make it personal
  • Do listen
  • Do research
  • Don’t overwhelm your customer with too much information
  • Don’t offer a bland proposal
  • Don’t rush into ‘sales mode’
  • Don’t forget to follow-up

Cold Calling Tips: Techniques and sample scripts

The real challenge in cold calling lies in how it is executed. It is a test of your strengths in communication To many people, home services offer them a priceless convenience, but some will take convincing. Below are some best practices that you can integrate into your cold calling routine to expand your network and customer base:

Prepare for the call

Before dialing in, read all the data about your prospect. Check if they’re indeed the perfect target. Make sure you have the right mindset and key messages laid out. Also, remind yourself of your customer retention programs. This will ensure that your team knows not just how your company gains new customers, but also how you retain them.

Kick-off with a power intro

Jumping off with a sales offer will surely turn them off. It would be best if you can make a catchy one-liner introduction that presents what your business can offer to grab their attention.

Check this example for reference:

“Hi, [PROSPECT]. I’m Jane from [NAME OF COMPANY]. I hope it’s not a bad time but I’m calling because I have something that I think you’ll be interested in…”

Maximize referrals and connections

7 Cold Calling Pro Tips Small Service Businesses Should Follow

A call from a stranger will make anyone cautious and distant. Be relatable by using mutual contacts and networks. You can keep track of current customers by using project management software. This way you will know what services they use and when the last time they used them.

Check this example for reference:

“Hi [PROSPECT]. [NAME OF CURRENT CUSTOMER] is seeing great results with [NAME OF COMPANY]’s service. We were discussing who else would benefit and your name came up.

I would love to show you how we’ve helped [NAME OF CURRENT CUSTOMER] and how we may be able to do the same for you. Would you be interested?”

Take your prospects on a journey

A cold call doesn’t necessarily need to be cold. Ease your way into their trust by personalizing your script. Feel free to make a narrative following the prospect’s data but be sure to stick to the facts. Manage your sales pipeline by making your way from contact to closing, but strike a balance between irrelevant and pushy.

Check this example for reference:

“Hello, I noticed you used to study at [UNIVERISTY]. We have a team member who also went to school there!”

Always offer options

People don’t usually respond well to authoritative and prescriptive dialogues. Make them feel that they own their choice by providing an array of selections.

Check this example for reference:

“Hello, this is [NAME] from [COMPANY]. How are you?

We’ve been working on some [SERVICE] solutions that may be of interest to you. Is this something you want to hear more about?”

If they say yes, then you can go over the service with them and ask them questions so you can show them only relevant material. Giving your customer’s choices will keep them more engaged throughout the interaction.

Keep track of the time

7 Cold Calling Pro Tips Small Service Businesses Should Follow

It’s always great to have a hearty talk, but a long one can tire them out. Keep in mind that prospects are often doing something before they answered your call. Respect that and they’ll surely take another call in the future. You want to leave your potential client with a positive experience.

Be proactive in communicating

Prospects usually don’t anticipate the calls so it’s only safe to say that they may not think of following up either. Be sure to take the initiative in connecting to them after the call. You can either do this by initiating another phone conversation or through a different channel, like email or iPhone fax. At this point, you can make them an offer or link them to your eCommerce page. This can be an excellent way to boost eCommerce sales.

Check this example for reference:

“Hi [NAME], this is [TEAM MEMBER] calling from [COMPANY]. We talked on the phone last week and I just wanted to send you a link to our website. You can browse and purchase our services directly online. In this email, you will also find a limited-time offer based on services you expressed interest in last week.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to email our office or give us a call.”

You can also send this email between a planned follow-up call. This way the customers have more information about the company beforehand. So, if they have any comments, questions, or concerns, they can ask you while you have them on the phone. This ensures that you are only talking about the services your client is interested in. You also have a more solid foundation on which to build.


If you research small business management tips, they should always include how to call marketing can benefit your business. Cold calling is not just for large companies. Small businesses can tap into new customer bases by using their communities. By contacting your customers directly, they know that you exist and what you can offer them.

Cold calling is more about the art of conversation than the actual service-selling, the prospect nor the salesperson. If your sales team can master these techniques, your business, no matter how small, can easily build credibility, increase influence, and expand exponentially.

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