7 Creative Holiday Social Strategies [Infographic]

— November 23, 2016


Ready to up your social game this December? If you’ve become an expert at “Merry Christmas” memes and are looking for more, then MDG Advertising has the infographic for you. From 360º videos to Facebook Live streams that show a different side of your brand, there’s something for everyone – no matter what your budget or creative resources may be. We’ve reposted the full infographic at the bottom of this blog. But first… some of our takes on how you can make these creative concepts work for your brand…

#1 360º Videos
Earlier this year we saw 360º videos enter the mainstream. Today these formats are supported by major platforms like Facebook and YouTube, with others soon to follow suit. With a range of 360º cameras priced well below the $ 500 mark (see a list here), this technology can offer serious ROI to those who use it creatively. How can you show off your retail space or product this season?

#2 Custom Snapchat Geofilters
Snapchat Geofilters allow brands the opportunity to meet Millennials where they already are: Snapchat. Affordable and relevant, Geofilters create huge opportunities for word-of-mouth marketing. Learn more about geofilters and other Snapchat marketing strategies.

#3 Disappearing Holiday Coupons
Post a coupon/deal to Snapchat or Instagram Stories, and tell users they have to screenshot the coupon and bring it into the store to redeem. This tactic creates urgency, grows your following, and helps build a core audience that trusts you.

#4 Use Pinterest Rich Pins
Rich Pins allow you to embed your Pins with all kinds of data, such as location, purchase links, app downloads and more. Last week we wrote about how Pinterest users spend twice as much as non-Pinterest users during the holidays. Here’s a strategy to help maximize your opportunity with these consumers!

#5 Host a Twitter Chat
Your company is an expert in its field, right? Why not share that expertise, especially as it relates to the holidays, with your audience? Whether you’re sharing humor, advice, buying guides, or anything else… add some fun to the experience with a real-time online event.

#6 Use Instagram Carousel Ads
A carousel ad allows you to show three to five images per Instagram post, instead of just one. Use different calls-to-action and provide direct links – especially helpful for when you’re trying to close in on that sale. Carousel ads are perfect for showcasing related products, as well as for brands that are image-based.

#7 Go Live on Facebook
Facebook Live is an incredible tool for reaching a real-time audience. It’s just as easy as sharing a photo, and requires no special equipment. Here are five tips for getting started on Facebook Live.

7 Social Strategies for the Holidays
Take a look at the full infographic below. Then tell us in the comments what strategy you’ve found works best for your brand!

7 Creative Holiday Social Strategies [Infographic]


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