32 Twitter Tips to Turn You Into a Maestro of Micro Blogging

  • If like most marketing professionals you use Twitter every day, then you’ll want to come across as well as you can on the site.

    Social media is a wonderful tool if you know how to use it and these 32 tips for the pros will help you lift your Twitter game in 2015 and become a maestro of micro blogging.

    Your Profile

    Optimising your profile should be the place where all those hoping to make the most of Twitter should start.

    • Optimise your profile so you can be recognised. This means adding your branding or headshot to your profile photo. Your header can be 1500x500pixels while the profile photo is 400x400p.
    • Your Twitter bio is one of the most read parts of your account – fill it out impressively
    • Remember to include your site’s URL in the bio and also in the URL field.

    The Tweets

    It can be a hard decision to know what to tweet but here are some great tips on how to do so.

    • Tweets should be structured in this manner – 1.Message 2. Link 3. #Hashtag # 4.Conclusion
    • Remember tweets should be 90% general and 10% directly about your brand
    • Under 100 characters gets the most interaction
    • Don’t retweet alone – add some opinion to show yourself as a thought leader
    • Don’t just look at the main industry blogs on Twitter follow and curate from a variety of sources
    • Be personal and show yourself as more than a Twitter account by being real

    More Engagement

    Increasing your levels of Twitter engagement allows you to win more fans and build your profile and in turn create awareness of your brand, build traffic to your site and winover new customers – here are some tips:

    • Engage, retweet and DM others in your industry
    • Always respond to people who ask questions
    • Don’t be a hog for attention and don’t retweet every mention
    • People who interact with you regularly should receive your attention – they deserve it for going the extra mile
    • If a thought leader retweets you – it’s polite to thank them
    • Ask followers their opinion on things that matter – it’s a great way to engage people and also learn.

    More Tips

    • You don’t need to follow everyone who follows you
    • Look through lists grouped by people in your industry to find interesting, relevant people
    • Use Bufferapp or other tools to schedule, monitor and to control your tweets and social media interaction
    • Public Twitter lists allow you to show people that you’ve added them to specialist lists. This often means they are more engaged with your brand or profile.

    How to Engage People

    There are some simple ways to engage people on Twitter – take a look

    • Follower count is worth nothing if there’s no quality
    • Write and link to articles about Twitter – everyone on here uses it, so helping them out by retweeting interesting, useful articles will make you popular
    • Follow a few relevant people every day to increase your own follower count.
    • Master calls to action

    Twitter Don’ts

    There are a number of things to avoid doing on Twitter though people still mistakenly do them from time to time.

    • Don’t send people tweets with links to things you wish to promote – that’s spammy
    • Never auto direct message
    • Don’t add hashtags like they’re going out of fashion – three is as many as you ever need and that’s at a push
    • Don’t involve yourself in arguments on Twitter
    • Don’t follow to get a follow in return. Worse again, don’t then unfollow afterwards once you get he follow

    Off Twitter

    • Blog post titles should be created with Twitter and social media in mind – make them catchy
    • Add social media buttons to your site
    • Include calls to action on content that you want shared – it will greatly increase the likelihood people will retweet and share.
    • Don’t over think it – Twitter is communication and it’s simple on a lot of levels. Don’t convolute it with over thinking it.

    Twitter is an amazing tool and at the centre of so many brand’s social media efforts. Follow these tips and you can be sure you’ll make more of it.

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